Close call accident  

roguebiggs 39M
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3/15/2006 1:06 pm
Close call accident

This happened a few weeks ago thought I would tell the story I can laugh about it now but when this happened cant say I was laughing.

I was doing my normal patrol cruising down the road which is a main 4 lane road. They are building a highway off this road that runs off Interstate 85. Well I am traveling along doing about fifty five to sixty mph speed limit is fifty when I see an older truck flying down the construction site.

I figure hell they will see me so I keep going and then they cross the first two lanes of this main road and into the center median. They didnt even look for any other traffic at all. I guess the road belongs to them. Just as they reach my lanes of travel I realize this idiot isnt stopping.

Now you got to bare in mind this fool is traveling at about sixty to seventy mph. I react as quick as I can and swerve to the right running off the road almost completly to avoid the collision. Well you can guess what happens now.

I lose control of the vehicle and start sliding back across the road this time I am facing the oppisite way which isnt good since cars are still coming my way. Luckily I slide into the median all the while I am hanging onto the steering wheel thinking oh this little shit is going to get it when I finally stop.

Well guess what happens the little shit takes off down the contruction site. My patrol car finally stops about a foot from the other two lanes of traffic. I know everyone driving down the road that saw this take place was thinking some one was taking an ass whooping for this one.

Now if the genious would have thought to be a little more careful he could have gotten away because all I followed was his trail of dust. Gotta love a construction site for a new highway. Well he ends up flipping his truck like two or three times.

As I pull up its lying on the driver side door and a teenager climbing out the top of the passenger window. He found himself looking down the barrel of my pistol. The driver was actually laying in the bottom of the truck and almost crying asking if he could get out. Found out he was seventeen and his buddy was sixteen.

I have to say that this was the first time in my years a cop I ever thought I might not get to go home at the end of my shift. Asking the passenger how close it was his answer was if I hadnt swerved they would have plowed into my car. He stated they missed me by mere inches.

Needless to say the seventeen year old got a one way trip to jail his mother came out and gave me a big hug because she didnt know what else to do after her son about creamed my car. All he could say was he panicked when he realized how close he came to hitting me. his exact words "I cant believe I almost killed a cop, I dont know what the hell I was thinking!" He cried all the way to the jail

Here is the moral for one always pay attention to ur surroundings that is what saved my ass on this one I noticed him and was able to react in time. Secondly if u do almost hit a police car please dont run it just makes it a lot worse he could of had a couple tickets instead of the six charges he recieved and I was nice.

I have to admit the day it happened it was very scary and later that day I had to dwell on the issue a bit to think about a few things. Those types of situations bring a new light I have to admit. As I said I been doing this almost 8 years that is the first time I felt I wasnt going home that night.


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