Early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction  

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4/28/2006 12:59 pm
Early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

It certainly is not the fault of a man to have ED or early ejaculation. All of this can be overcum(play on words)LOL. The facts are this: Most ED is caused by Medicine,a hip accident or different types of sickness etc. There are treatments to really having greater sex for your self and your partner. This is depending on you as a person to have something done about this situation. ED or early ejaculation is NOT A MENTAL thing, it is a physical thing.
1 - If it is early ejaculation you can get bands to keep the erection for up to 1/2 hr. There are 4 different sizes, get the 4 size package and try them until you can hold an erection for 1/2 hr. Then you must release the band for blood circulation. This is a form of ED.
2 - Cannot get an erection. there are several things that can help. Try a prescription for 'VIAGRA' or one of the others. Get a test for'free testerone' this is different from the standard test. Shots will help build up your energy level thereby helping with your erection.
3 - Other methods for a erection include: a shot into the sponge tissue of the penis, A vacuum pump which slides over the penis and with 4 -5 pumps you receive an erection, then you must use a band of correct size to hold for 30 min. The pump must be easy to use and very easy to clean. A good one is approx $150 and should come complete with bands. Now who would not pay $150 for an added 29 min & 30 sec for all that added pleasure for both partners. LOL Then there is the golden opratunity of possibly out doing you female partner> Take it easy ladies, this can be done. Just think of how much enjoyment can be had with that. The golden thing is an implant. The ladies have them all over there bodies so why not men, especially what it can mean. There are 2 types of implants a 2 part and a 3 part. The 3 part means having the feeling of a more natural erection. The first part is implanting a holding area just under the skin of the penis along side of the sponge on each side. Part 2 is a manual pump located in the scrotum and the 3rd part is a reservoir of saline solution located in the body cavity. Use the pump to enlarge the penis and lock the pump. (now ladies get this) The erection will stay until the man unlocks the pump and lets the saline solution return to the reservoir. Check your insurance policy for help in paying for surgery.
Should any person want a web site to reveiw this info just comment to this and I will provide.
Ladies Please quit blaming your partner. Help him seek out a urologist and get some thing planned. You will not regret this move , blame can really destroy things. I really hope this helps - been there and looking to do something for my partner(s)

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