March 20--thoughts on Kitty from alt and Drew Barrymore  

roger373737 43M
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3/20/2006 2:27 pm
March 20--thoughts on Kitty from alt and Drew Barrymore

It was last Friday I believe and I went to "Webcam Fun" on Alt. and Kitty was on again. I have seen her webcam before but I tended to be on at the wrong times and hadn't been able to see her naked and performing. She was attractive to say the least especially considering she is a 40 year. Nice perky tits and almost flawless skin! I loved her voice most of all.....very feminine and it had an inherent "flirtiness" to it that I just adored. She sounded adventurous and sweet at the same time. She was kind to her viewers and very appealing. She almost made me want to be Canadian. I like that fact that she advertises that standard members are welcome...I believe that she really wants to make people happy and that she desires being coveted...but not in a wholly egocentric way...she is giving of herself also. Kudos to her.

I have seen Drew Barrymore recently in "My First 50 Dates"..honestly the movie bored me...although I still find her attractive and love her smile. She was so young when she started the porn business and I had a bad crush on her. She was short and spunky..I often thought of getting a nice long blow by her. Of course, if it were real life and the first would be hard to stay staying the game for the "long haul" would probably be difficult. There was a porn by a Mr. Black...the title was "The House that Black Built" or something close. I loved this movie partly because they had FMF staring Drew Barrymore as one of the scenes. It is a darling scene! I also liked it because it has a Pantera soundtrack.....most excellent!

Drew Barrymore is sexually appealing is she not? And her movies are kind of lame, but those of us who remember the porn star still love them??? She seems naughty and sweet at the same time, the juxtaposition itself (like with Kitty) being thrilling??? Just curious what you guys and gals think...Talk to you later.

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