Party Boy  

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8/8/2005 12:12 pm

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Party Boy

After several months of training from Mrs G and occasionally being fucked by Mr G. One afternoon when I arrived, Mrs G. had a guest. They both took me into the bedroom and Mrs G instructed me to show Mistress May, what I had learned from her.

I was instructed to help Mistress May out of her clothes, to prepare pillows for her to prop up her head so she could watch me. After the first kiss of her womanhood, I knew it was going to be different. She forced my face between her legs, but I kept on licking away. The slender moved her pelvis up and down as I licked away until she had a crashing loud orgasm.

While I was serving her Mrs G had stripped and was masturbating while watching us. Mistress May ordered my to stick my hand up Mrs G's ass, while the Mistress fingered her. Mrs. G thrashed all over the bed cumming again and again. Mistress May then ordered her to suck me off, while she twisted my nipples, I came twice in a row.

She then ordered that I be brought to the next party.

At the party I was dressed in a golden robe that was open on the sides with no clothes beneath. They they lead me to a device they called the pony. It was like an upholstered weight bench with higher legs and slight incline. I was strapped to it on my stomach. There were at least a dozen other kids of various ages also there tethered to other devices.

Then the adults arrived, Mrs. G lubed me up even more than normal. Then a woman, wearing a feather mask straddled herself affront of me and I began to service her. The other adults gathered around and watched me perform. A girl came behind the masked woman to support her body and caress her breasts. She came very hard and applause rang out. Mrs G. was complimented for finding and training me.

Before the night was through I had licked at least 15 woman and been fucked by 10 men. I had cum and blood running down the back of my legs. I was in great pain and a state of ecstasy at the same time. I was a hit at my first party.

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