Life as a Sex Addict  

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8/9/2005 1:02 pm

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Life as a Sex Addict

I am a Sex Addict and not seeking recovery, instead I found a woman who understands my needs and accepts me as I am.

I worked for several years as Escort for rich woman, taking them to the theatre and opera when their husbands were too busy. For some I provided additional services.

My weekend rate was $2500 in 1984 and was constantly booked. They wanted the whole experience of being completely sexually pampered. Hours of orgasms followed by cuddling and good conversation, then more sex.

One even wanted to be treated as if she was the whore. Whatever their fantasy, I would play it for them. I would also cook for them, which they found an amazing turn-on for some reason. Maybe because I did it nude?

Now in my life, I mainly have found release with couples where they want a second man to pleasure the wife. I went to this because single woman always fall in love with me and this has caused problems. A couple who is communicative and mature enough to bring in a second man to give pleasure for the wife is ideal, they are stable and just great sex is not going to sway them.

I occasional compete at sex clubs in cunnilingus contests. My favorite style is on number of orgasms given in an hour with up to 5 partners to work with, if one gets to sensitive you can move on to another partner. The woman are all strangers to the competitors. I am Ace's West Coast and the Swingstock champ, beating out Lesbians at both.

Having just moved for Oregon to Kentucky I am having to rebuild my network of fuck buddies, it is slow going because I am choosey, but enjoying the screening process.

If you think we would be compatible, send me an e-mail.

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