My first blog (or memoirs of an overly sexed man)  

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4/26/2006 12:28 am

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My first blog (or memoirs of an overly sexed man)

Well here it first blog.

No, I'm not desperate - just intrigued.

I'm very easily amused. So I will admit that my postings are primarily for my own enjoyment. Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes. And I laugh even more boisterously when others join in my revelry!

Well, if I'm not desperate, then why am I here blogging on an adult site?

I must admit that while I am not deprived sexually, I have more than the regular allotment of "sex drive". I have been told by a lover that I have the capacity to single handedly repopulate the earth - if that should ever become necessary.

So naturally I'm intrigued by sex...

I have pushed myself to the limits sexually. I once went to the doctor because I was concerned that I had a hernia due to extreme pain and sensitivity in my groin. He examined me and then asked if I was having a lot of sex. I responded to the affirmative. When he asked how often, I told him that I had sex more than a dozen times within a short period recently. He laughed and said that I needed to reduce my sexual activities. Apparently, my glands were dry and inflamed due to being oversexed.

Needless to say, I try limit my sexual antics to single digits within any 24 hour period....and drink lots of water (or gatorade). Alcohol, while it doesn't bother me in the short run, will defintely degrade my endurance (meaning no double digit nights).

I'm sure I'm not alone in suffering the side effects of being oversexed.

I'd be interested in hearing your stories. Let me know!

Oh, and btw, the pic is of one of the best places to have lots of sex...quiet and secluded, yet only a short ride to one of the most unique and surreal communities in the United States...

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