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5/17/2005 2:25 pm

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Taking Stock

Part I

(All of the statistics noted here are as of 2 p.m. EDT May 17, 2005)

Now that the bloggers revolt is over and the single post bug is dead, it is a good time to take stock of this blog.

First, I need to thank my small group of friendly readers. This is a boutique blog. I知 not trying to be the most popular or the blog that gets the most comments. I知 writing what is inside. Sometimes that is satirical. Sometimes that is serious. Sometimes, as some readers have noted, it is on its own strange plane. Sometimes, I知 just exorcising demons.

As you may notice, this is not a daily blog. I don稚 have time for that. And usually if I have multiple posts in a day, there is a good reason. Because I cannot post more often, I cannot keep up with reader demands. There are at least three items kicking around in my head now that are direct responses to reader questions or suggestions. I just haven稚 had time to put them down in the proper way. And some need more research. So the folks that stay around here are a patient lot, and unfortunately, many others have dropped away. If you were to use the various measuring tools, you might conclude this blog peaked about a month ago. Talk about peaking too early! I知 just getting warmed up!

For instance, the piece with the most views is Wine, Dine & then *maybe* Fuck with 573 views which was posted on April 2. My theory is that the title and the fact that the blog board with the most recent posts got stuck on that Saturday both contributed to the number of views. Of course, that number is a slow night on the most popular blogs. The postings with the most comments are [post 10896] (April 4) and Reporting Courtesans & Pornbots (April 15). Compare those items to the recent comment traffic (of course, skewed by the bugs) and the least viewed posting: One Voice One Comment ~ NO WAY (May 14) with 97 views.

(This post was denied by the administrators on the first posting attempt. Curiously, this is the first denied post in this blog and interesting that it would happen on this posting. Because this post was denied it was not included on the "most recent posts" blogboard. Nevertheless, here's hoping a second attempt is successful.)

(The remainder of this post will conclude inside.)

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5/17/2005 2:51 pm

Part II

”Ruminations” started on March 23 and the debut post “The Existential Question” received no comments although at this writing it has 323 views, which is above average for this blog.

Lately, there has been much debate about what makes a good blog: comments or views or something else? Obviously, if you are getting comments, the writing or posting is provocative in some sense. However, bloggers know that the comments create their own art form, a type of Greek chorus that frames whatever the blogger posts. So to that end, the audience also is part of the weave of thoughts on a blog. Some believe this is a better measurement of popularity because views could mean the person merely clicked into the post and didn’t read it. For now, the measuring tools for blogs and indeed for much of the internet are insufficient for this lively new medium. Both of these measurement forms can easily be manipulated. As long as the writer and audience seem pleased, why do numbers matter?

However, as of this writing, “Ruminations” has had 8,106 views, which again is a good night for one post on the popular blogs. This blog has 26 other visible postings (some postings were deleted for editorial or technical reasons, all material removed for editorial reasons was reposted). The average number of views is 311. The average number of outside comments is three. Some may have noticed that this blog uses a style that often breaks the post into several parts. This is an aesthetic choice to make it easier for the reader to consume shorter bits on the front page of the blog. So the comments section often begins with the continuation of the post. This is another reason why measuring posted comments doesn’t work with this blog. Currently, there are 105 comments on the blog, but only 73 from readers. (The system says there are more comments on the blog but it measures some comments by the author that were dropped or disappeared.) No reader comments have been dropped by the author/editor. (Special thanks needs to go out to some of the big bloggers, keithcancook and [blog sexyfitwoman] for going through my backpages and commenting, which kicked the total comments over the century mark. Two early pieces can only be found by using the calendar feature but keithcancook and sexyfitwoman found them, experts that they are on blogging here.) The posts on prostitution seem to provoke the most public reader response and usually from women. That was certainly a surprise to this novice blogger.

Some items that get little or no public commentary sometimes spark private notes to the author. I have gathered that some readers don’t like public posting, and I think it is the reader’s choice in how they react. I do read and keep my mail, besides responding to it. Longer pieces such as “Fantasy No. 1” (April 4 with 457 views) and “The Amazing Adventures of Testosterone Man” (May 13 with 133 views) don’t seem to generate any public comments, but I do get mail about them.

I do not always respond to the conversations going on in the comment section because I think the post speaks for itself or the readers are carrying on fine without further intrusion. However, I also think the statistics would say I comment far too much. For instance, on one of the most popular blogs from expatbrit49 only about 11 percent of the comments are from the author. Here on “Ruminations” fully 30 percent of the comments are from me. Some of that is the posting style but clearly this indicates more than enough author commentary. Outside comments come at a rate of .009 per view, which is comparable to some of the moderately viewed but more popular blogs.

I find it interesting that the least viewed item is my tiny contribution to the bloggers revolt. No matter. I still say,

¡Viva la Revolucion!

(Normal blog postings will resume later in the week. There won’t be any other housekeeping posts for a while. Thanks to the readers.)

mi_mwpm 51M

5/17/2005 6:48 pm

No way I'm going through the 70+ entries in my blog for this kind of statistical analysis.... I don't want to find out that I've posted anywhere near 30% of my comments. It would be devastating to my ego.

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