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Her profile said somewhere in Maryland and she had the most amazing turquoise eyes I've ever seen. When I first noticed BabyDarlin I was already immune to the type of picture-causing-virtual-lust you can catch on this site. However, I sent her a note. Although I could never get her attention to chat or correspond, she added me to her network, so eventually I was able to chart her travels.

She left somewhere in Maryland after a few weeks and she was somewhere in Texas, then somewhere in Arkansas, somewhere in Colorado, and somewhere in Nevada (Las Vegas?) for a longer stretch. Then the road again: somewhere in Indiana; until she stopped somewhere in North Carolina. Then, abruptly, her profile was gone. Luckily, I saved one shot (which accompanies this entry).

My suspicion is that Babydarlin was a stripper, or maybe that's just my imagination talking. She certainly has the looks for the job.

I correspond off-and-on with a woman through this site who is a former stripper. But I wonder how many real strippers are here. And why.

Readers of this blog know I had my experience in a relationship with a stripper (See [post 20591] on May 6). And besides her, I have partied with strippers outside of their clubs, although almost a decade has passed since that phase.

There are a few other profiles that I wonder about which may be for strippers.

TotalFuckSlut First, readers here know I really like TotalFuckSlut. I have noticed she is gone for months at a time and then drops in here for a day or so. And she moves around. Not like BabyDarlin but TotalFuckSlut has had at least one major move in the past three months.

TropicalSiren Likewise, TropicalSiren has similar habits and from her photos, like TotalFuckSlut she could also be a dancer.

Makes you wonder sometimes who is behind some of these profiles.

As for BabyDarlin, well, she'll have to remain one of the unanswered mysteries here.

(This was reposted after the morning blogjam of July 7.)

raptor880 39M

7/7/2005 9:28 am

Who cares what they are they be hot, hot , hot.

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