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Sierra Maestre

A Satirical Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in BlogLand...

(The remainder will conclude inside.)

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3/15/2006 11:51 am

Part II

princess from a tiny southern duchy tangled with an evil sith lord to no good end.

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4/21/2006 9:43 am

Part III

And the struggle, exposed not just the dark temperament of the Land of Blog, but the weakness of the divided blog world, and inevitably the hypocrisy of the all-powerful Secret Council, those responsible for creating the Land of Blog in the first place.

It all began as things do outside the Land of Blog in the Greater Website. The story arc was not one from fantasy land or fairy tales but one we are all too familiar with: boy sees girl; boy writes girl; boy gets rejected; boy sends mean-spirited response; and then more ugliness transpires.

The difference this time was Voldemort was the boy in question. Now, Voldemort’s origins remain murky. But he derives his dark powers directly from the all-powerful Secret Council. Some even believe he is one of the brethren of the Secret Council. But his dark powers include the ability to destroy blogs, to make blog entries disappear in a flash of smoke, and even to smite bloggers into a state of limbo.

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4/21/2006 11:08 am

Part IV

o, in the City of Angels, where Voldemort is based, our story unfolds as the sith lord sends a message to Lady Coco, a tempting Moorish lass and a relative newcomer to the Land of Blog. The Moorish maiden maintained Voldemort’s message was an insult to her: it consisted merely of a set of coded numbers. No words were part of the message. The implication: if Lady Coco would merely put that code on a special talking stone, magically she could be connected by voice to the powerful Voldemort. The sith lord is so powerful he felt such a singular summons is all he needed to bed the alluring Moorish lass.

But instead she took offense. How easy does he think her virtue is to take so? What became of flirtation? To say nothing of foreplay. In reply, she sent a message back to the sith lord: you will never get me to use your code on the talking stone. Voldemort roared at this. He sent back a message that was filled with foul thoughts. And he muttered a simple incantation to keep Lady Coco from sending any further messages back to him. Still upset by this confrontation, Lady Coco wrote about this problem in her blog.

This is where the story becomes intertwined with the history of the Land of Blog and of course where it gets even murkier.

Voldemort saw how Lady Coco had portrayed him and he did not like it. He denied he ever sent her a message that contained anything foul. He proclaimed that what Lady Coco wrote was not a true record of the messages they exchanged.

Meanwhile, a number of other bloggers had steered the Moorish lass to seek the political help of the brave Princess Karma.

Princess Karma ruled the small duchy of Trans-Colombia in the Land of Blog and she was known for posting a list of the crude and offensive men who roamed the land. Although not one of the famous glory bloggers, Princess Karma was known throughout the Land of Blog for her quick wit and service to women of the realm. Her postings (called by some The Notes of the Knuckledraggers) were known not just as a community service, but also for their sharp insights and educational value. Some men even consulted them. Dutifully, Princess Karma added Voldemort’s handle to her list.

But swiftly Princess Karma would discover her good deed would not go unpunished. Little did she know she had stumbled into a blood feud, and her service to Lady Coco would soon spill out violently into the Land of Blog. Seeking revenge, Voldemort called out both Lady Coco and Princess Karma in their blogs. And then he smote them. Their profiles were shuttered. Their blogs frozen.

Unknowingly, others were drawn into the fray. Some had commented approvingly of Princess Karma’s actions to support Lady Coco. Others had actually placed Voldemort’s handle into print in their comments.

They were soon to discover the curse and wrath of Voldemort. Voldemort vowed revenge upon anyone uttering his name, let alone publishing the name he used in the Land of Blog. Those who dared would become targets for banishment.

So it was that a number of bloggers including ShayeDK, oldman1776, and TTigerAtty, among others, found themselves temporarily banished. Voldemort had marked them as friends of Princess Karma. Even the very powerful allied royalty redlipsprincess was temporarily removed.

This set some of the Land of Blog on edge. How could anyone fight against the powerful dark forces of Voldemort? Even the powerful glory bloggers and those bloggers with mystical connections to the all-powerful Secret Council were affected: you could see bloggers everywhere quaking. Of course, most bloggers were quietly oblivious of the fight that had just begun.

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4/21/2006 11:09 am

Part V

eanwhile, a group of bloggers, some of whom were friends and allies of Princess Karma, was worried about her disappearance. Some members of this group with mystical ties to the all-powerful Secret Council began tracing back the history of the blood feud to determine how to react to the fury of Voldemort.

They discovered some troubling clues in their examination. Could Voldemort have been correct? Could he indeed have been defamed? A close examination of the parchment in the messages exchanged by Lady Coco and Voldemort and left in Lady Coco’s blog revealed those messages could have been doctored or indeed forged.

What did this mean? Was Lady Coco so angered by Voldemort that she was willing to defame him and hurt others in her deception? Or worse, was she purposely attempting to lure Princess Karma into the fight to have her vanquished by the powerful sith lord? And what of Princess Karma? Had she mistakenly rushed to the aid of a damsel in distress with too much haste? Had she fallen for a hoax that had the potential to further rip asunder the shards of comity in the Land of Blog? Finally what of the allies of the princess? They had been cast out of the Land of Blog with little knowledge of the true origins of the blood feud.

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4/21/2006 11:12 am

Part VI

uckily for the friends of Princess Karma, Voldemort’s spell was not strong enough to keep them all banished from the Land of Blog permanently. Slowly, they returned, dazed and wounded. Some were not even sure what had happened.

And Princess Karma was not defeated. Instead, the princess launched a guerrilla campaign against the evil Voldemort. Taking out her leopard cloak, she assumed the identity of the conjurer known as Celtic Karma. Soon in her guise as Celtic Karma, she was recruiting a merry band of followers to spread the word about Voldemort throughout the Land of Blog and to make offerings to the Secret Council to return Princess Karma to her throne, profile, and blog. To organize her merry band, Celtic Karma of course, opened a new blog, which made it easier for her to carry on her battle against Voldemort. Soon, the verbal battle was joined anew there. And this time, the princess had allies ready to go to war against the sith lord. Valiantly, TTigerAtty rode out on his white charger directly at Voldemort, shooting verbal arrows, and brandishing one of the great weapons ‒ reportedly even more dangerous than the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch ‒ legal arguments!

Soon, Celtic Karma’s blog known as Lukewarm... became the scene of great carnage. Voldemort waved his wand and lines from Celtic Karma’s spells and blog entries vanished. Another flourish, and Voldemort made sections of the blog disappear. Meanwhile, he reached into his bag of tricks and brandished his own handful of legal arguments (despite their radioactive potential) to dispel TTigerAtty. Spewing invective, Voldemort erupted and smote Celtic Karma and her blog out of the Land of Blog. Again the princess found herself in limbo.

But again, Princess Karma was not finished. This time, cloaked in near invisibility, she re-entered the Land of Blog secretly as Fairy Gothmother. Her goals: recruit a bigger guerrilla force; fight Voldemort; and be restored to her throne and blog. Some bloggers rallied to her aid. But still, they were few in number. Using stronger incantations and the glowingly radioactive legal arguments, TTigerAtty fought on against Voldemort and in his own blog opened a special candlelight vigil to draw more support for the princess. The candlelight vigil, various spells, and of course the dreaded legal arguments all worked to have Lukewarm... restored in the Land of Blog. But Voldemort was not vanquished. Instead, he brought the battle to the homefront of TTigerAtty. He also went on the offensive: tracking Celtic Karma and her distinctive leopard cape throughout the Land of Blog on her mission of recruitment. Soon bloggers who had not been part of the fight originally, now saw their blogs threatened. Finally, Voldemort smote the blog of Celtic Karma for a second time, and he also shut down the blog of TTigerAtty again.

And while the fight had raged, what had become of Lady Coco, the lass whose blog had started the war? She was nowhere to be found. She had not returned to aid in the fight of Voldemort. Once she and her blog were smote by the sith lord, she never returned. To those investigating the reasons behind the war, this also provided a curious turn in the mysterious origins of the blood feud.

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4/21/2006 11:15 am

Part VII

ow, fear swept through the Land of Blog. Some of the leaders of the land saw the possibility that the revenge of Voldemort could sweep many more blogs away, leaving the landscape barren and scarred. The war was widening instead of being contained. And the more bloggers Princess Karma recruited in her campaign against the invective spewing sith lord, the more targets were opened for Voldemort. Some of the leaders also felt the all-powerful Secret Council would not restore Princess Karma because she and her allies had fought back too hard against Voldemort, leaving the climate in the Land of Blog permanently fouled. The use of the radioactive legal arguments could be the doom of them all. These blog leaders urged all bloggers not to join Princess Karma in her fight. They reasoned that more would be hurt if the war expanded. Perhaps for the good of all Princess Karma and any of her ardent followers would need to be sacrificed for the safety and security of the Land of Blog.

And Voldemort smiled. As he had noted, many of the bloggers fighting with Princess Karma and even the princess herself were mere Standard Members. As he had said, the all-powerful Secret Council did not care much for these types of bloggers. In the end, who would care if they were banished from the Land of Blog? They were not among the powerful glory bloggers. They were not of the mystical class of bloggers with special connections to the all-powerful Secret Council. Who would care if they were banished forever?

Emboldended by the retreat and his victory over the princess and her allies, Voldemort began to morph until he created a group of orcs to do his bidding.. Soon these orcs were loose in the Land of Blog spewing invective across the once pristine landscape. They dared to launch attacks on those with mystical powers and special connections to the Secret Council. Even some of the famous glory bloggers found their blogs under attack. Appeasement had not worked.

Miraculously, although flung far out of the Land of Blog by Voldemort’s spell, days later the spirit of Celtic Karma floated back. Soon the conjurer was again on the paths of the blog realm in her distinctive cloak. Yet what would she do now? Who could she petition for redress? Would she dare again confront the powerful Voldemort?

Little did she know the vengeful Voldemort was still watchfully waiting for her inside her blog. Once she began weaving new entries into its fabric, Voldemort pounced on her and smote her yet again. Then accompanied by his orcs he stormed away to leave his toxic notions in other blogs around the realm. Now, the princess waits outside the Land of Blog petitioning the Secret Council and any powerful bloggers for redress and reinstatement.

Are there lessons in this tale from the Land of Blog? Perhaps a few. First, only when bloggers stand united and in great numbers can they oppose the evil forces from beyond. And the Land of Blog is far from united. Second, those who are not of the most popular classes in the Land of Blog cannot get fair and equitable treatment: even in this virtual space classes exist. Finally, those with connections to the Secret Council have very special powers and they can be wielded for both good and ill. And today, the ill wind is blowing.

For a factual telling of this story and for connections to some of the important comments, see: Playa Giron. For a commentary on this story, please see: Moncada. Thanks to mygmyg for the inspiration to write this.Voldemort’s true identity is not revealed in this story because of the dire consequences that could result.

This entry has been edited from its original form and retitled. However, it maintains almost all of the original content. The original title was “Princess Karma vs. Voldemort.” For the original comments connected to this entry, please see: Missing Comments, Part I. Also, the best part is that Princess Karma and TTigerAtty were, eventually, after a long suspension, restored, and Voldemort was expelled.

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