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7/6/2005 6:39 am

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Male Profile Photos

(This post is directly inspired by the comments and photos left by [blog sexyfitwoman] in the entry Top Female Profile Photos: Round Two on July 1. Also, several of the female readers of this blog have encouraged me via e-mail to address this topic for the past few months.)

Part I

Alright, so what does a guy who doesn’t have a picture know about photos?

Well, I know enough to listen. And women are not happy with many of the men on this site because of photos.

Now, before we get off into gender-related generalities. Let me also say that many of the criticisms I hear of men’s photos also can apply to women’s photos. And whenever this topic surfaces, the words “double standard” are also never too far behind.

First, if you look at the beefcake calendar that [blog sexyfitwoman] hung in this blog you’ll see she likes sculpted male bodies -- weightlifters in some instances. Using her tastes is a good starting point. There are a lot of biceps, shoulders, six-pack abs, muscled legs and buttocks in her selections. Many women like to see body shots as much as men do.

Which leads us to....

(The remainder of this post will conclude inside.)

(This material was reposted after the Tuesday, July 5 evening blogjam.)

rockwriter58 56M
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7/6/2005 6:40 am

Part II

The Age of Your Photo

This is the biggest complaint I hear: men are luring women in with old pictures. Are the shots five years old? Ten? More? (Well, of course, this problem is not unique to men’s photos.) Women expect something recent.

When I had pictures on the site they were recent: all from within a few months. Of course, they were dark at times (no good). And at other times, key parts were smudged to maintain anonymity. (Not perfect, but somewhat acceptable here.) Anyone I was serious with and who I thought I could trust got a face shot that was no older than two years old. For someone like me who needs to return to the gym, your smiling face is likely your best resource.

rockwriter58 56M
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7/6/2005 6:41 am

Part III

Dick Shots

Some women love them, but many hate them. One of the more successful men here who swaps tales with me on the discussion boards tells me he uses his cock shot as a screening device, a way to maintain anonymity, and a lure. Of course it helps that his cock is at least nine inches long. As a married man, he says he only wants connections here for sex, and often the cock shot scares away women who are here for a long-term relationship, a new boyfriend, or a husband.

But what about averages joes like me? I may have some girth, but nothing that shows up well in a photo. I did have an X-rated shot that showed my cock in my albums when those were up. But it wasn’t recent. (I could never figure out how to explain to my wife ‒ someone uninterested in sexual photography ‒ that I needed her to snap one for us while we were being intimate.) Of course, I figured, that part of my anatomy hasn’t changed all that much since I was about 16, so who cares about the age of those photos.

This may be one of those areas where each person must decide. Some women here love these shots. Others don’t. Some want to see them eventually, instead of immediately. Some like to see hard cocks in shots. Others only like to see them soft. Still others don’t want to see them anywhere near a vagina without protection. So if you go this route, choose wisely, or maybe ask first before waving your member at someone.

Sure, there is a double standard about this. Some women do complain about these shots when they are displaying their pussy or tits in their photos. But remember, what works for men doesn’t always work for women. Some women, rightly realize, to market themselves, guys like to see a great pair of tits and their curves. (Pussy shots have never done it for me unless part of a wider context, but again, that’s a personal choice, just like the women’s choices about cock shots.) However, some don’t like the same style of marketing shoved back at them.

General Suggestions

If possible, include your face in the photo or parts of your face that are attractive: eyes, smile, lips, tongue, etc.

A clear and colorful photo is best. Sepia and black and white work if they are stylish or they accent areas that are attractive.

Full body shots do work, but you have to have an exceptional body. (See the postings recently put up by [blog sexyfitwoman] on her blog for more examples.) Perhaps other areas tightly highlighted are best: abs, shoulders, buttocks, or another attractive area. Showing your face and a sexually attractive part of your body is always best, in my opinion, if that’s an option.

Creativity and originality always get points. Something offbeat and a little funny sometimes works too.

Remember, many can only see these shots in postage stamp form. Think of the sexiest postage stamp of yourself. Then shoot it.

Even a poor photo works better than nothing at all on this site, as far as attracting attention is concerned. However, for our continued good relations with the women here, please use current photos.

Happy Hunting!

(This post was banned three times before it was edited to pass the censorbot. There is some supposedly offensive word or phrase in the first paragraph of Part II.)

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

7/6/2005 12:40 pm

Ah yes, the human body - a true work of art. I've told you my thoughts on going to museums looking for that elusive 'hands on male exhibit' ... not easily found here in Tim Buk Too.

I like body shots especially silhouettes. Oh and Men ... a show of hands IF YOU PLEASE!


rockwriter58 56M
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7/6/2005 2:16 pm

>>>>Lil... thanks for coming over to these parts. Good suggestion.

I also must add this on reflection...


need_4more2 If you are looking for a hardcore male profile shot, I like this one. (I do wonder if they had a third person take it or an attachment to take it from the bed with the camera on a tripod... but only a geeky sometimes photographer like me would ask that.) I think it shows need_4more2 has great taste in women and certainly knows how to have fun. For those who don't like cock shots, I wonder what they say about this one? I'll have more to say about hardcore shots in my next post....

funsailor84 32M

7/7/2005 1:19 pm

I don't think the main photos should be a cock shot. But, I do see so many women's profiles that demand a cock shot in any email recieved. So, while it's probably in poor taste to have one as a main photo, it can't hurt to have one somewhere. I think that some of the best photos on here are the torso shots. They can show a great body without killing anyone's anonymitiy. I had one for a while, and I still haven't decided if I like my new picture more.

patsam69 51M/51F

7/10/2005 4:10 pm

I PREFER to see a mans face. I don't mind seeing his cock...but i will not be talking to his cock...I will not ba attracted to him because oof his a face pic is what I like to see.

Murax 54M  
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7/11/2005 3:05 am

If you are going to do a cock shot it needs to be better than most otherwise it isn't worth it. I've talked to women friends who just shake their head when they see a cock shot of some guy with three inches. Wether you put a cock shot in or not depends on what you are going for. I'm looking to get laid and my picture does nicely for me. Very nicely. Poor taste? Maybe but it works very well. You should see some of my mail. Rocks suggestions on pictures are good ones and you should read them carefully. But the bottom line is this. You are putting out an advertisment. That means that you tell the truth but put it in the best possible light. That goes with photos too. Put out one that is attractive. One last thing that Rock forgot in his list but sexyfitwoman brought up. Make sure the photo is well composed and pay attention to the back ground. You in an old ratty t-shirt and gym shorts surronded by empty pizza boxes and Pepsi bottles on your unmade bed really says something to your potential dates. It says "As big a slob as my ex-husband. Loser"

Murax 54M  
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7/11/2005 3:06 am

Oh, and if you want to see what cock shots can do go to the "USA Straight Hung Men" group and see what the women there post. LOL.

Priapeo 46M

9/1/2005 8:42 am

I have recently posted something on my blog dealing with the same subject(of course Rockwriter always arrives first, dam!). When I asked ladies what do they think in a male picture expresses sensuality, I didn't have in mind the fact that a great part of male pics are cock-centred. I have no doubt that ladies can go crazy in a group crowded with exceptional cocks... but i'm sure that there are groups in AdultFriendFinder where people go crazy for feet, pigtails, latex and a lot of other "details". The main point against a cock close-up is that this way it becomes just a paltry detail. Of course things work differently for men and women, but I sincerely do not find exciting a pussy close-up. If you isolate a body part, in my opinion, the only effect you achieve is highliting its function, and functionality is not exactly the best mate for sensuality.

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