Jen & Brad & Angelina  

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5/5/2005 3:25 pm

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Jen & Brad & Angelina

(Some folks have complained lately about the tabloid trend blogs have taken. You can gripe about this or just laughingly go with the flow.)

What man wouldn’t want to have Brad Pitt’s problems. Even if his life is like that famous Heineken commercial, so what?! He’s handsome: regarded as one of the top leading men in the Western world. Women swoon at the thought of him, let alone a personal appearance. Women on this website profess if you are like Brad Pitt, come on over. NOW! He’s rich. And he gets to decide between two beautiful actresses.

Of course, some are angry that he gave up on his marriage. Even though Jennifer Aniston is the successful America’s Sweetheart type of star, would you ever lust after her like you would after Angelina Jolie? Not that he needs defending, but here’s the Top Ten Letterman-style defense for Mr. Pitt.

Top Ten Reasons to Lust After Angelina Jolie

10. The woman is outspoken: you have to admire her for speaking her mind.
9. The woman has talent: see her in Girl Interrupted.
8. Her caring nature: she adopted a child and is working with the U.N. on refugee issues.
7. Her intense eyes: she knows how to give a sexy look.
6. Her bountiful breasts: the woman fills out a gown or a swimsuit the right way.
5. Her beautiful over-all shape: the woman has curves in all the right spots.
4. Those bee-stung lips: wouldn’t you love to kiss and suck on those!
3. The woman has passion: note the vial of blood with Billy Bob.
2. Wouldn’t you want to be the man to break Angelina’s long sexual fast? (More than a year long…see No. 1.)
1. Wild Sex! (See today’s reports from the tabloid Sky News about Angelina’s loud moaning!)

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5/5/2005 4:06 pm

You have us convinced, send Angelina over

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