Hardcore Photo Gallery: December 2005  

rockwriter58 56M
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12/16/2005 7:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hardcore Photo Gallery: December 2005

Here’s our monthly posting of hardcore profile shots. Enjoy!

The December Gallery


Have a great weekend!

For last month’s entry, check here: Hardcore Photo Gallery: November 2005*.

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NickRules999 39M
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12/16/2005 12:59 pm

Where do these women hide?

As always, this post rocks. Thanks, Rockster.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

rm_jayR63 59F
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12/18/2005 1:13 pm

Please introduce me to the gentleman in the top left photo

rockwriter58 56M
1389 posts
12/19/2005 7:47 am

>>>Well, Dark Lord Nick... as far as I can tell, they don't hide at all. They are all over! Maybe not out in Utah, but the site is full of these profiles. I'm thinking of expanding this feature a bit in 2006.

>>>Speaking of expanding... ahem... [blog jayR63]... the way to find that gentleman is to reach out with the cursor and well... you know how to do the rest! He's in Hawaii. I can see you planning your next vacation now. (Perhaps for the Pro Bowl?)

And speaking of that... well I see you down in [post 170796] doing your well-deserved victory dance. I admit my defeat... I am in the dust this week...kicked by both of the regulars. (I think you should have the last word there. You and your team earned it.) Oh well... can't win 'em all... which is what the Colts are pondering, I suppose.

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