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(This article is partially in response to a question posed by mn-fun in the post If Dennis Miller Ranted Here.... on April 21. A month has passed while I tried to get a complete answer. Although a complete answer seems impossible to find, this article is the result of my search.)

Part I

The newspaper report about the federal round-up of hackers connected to the Lexis break-in and the Paris Hilton phone information theft struck a chord with me today.

We are all electronic targets these days, and we are also exposed, despite our anonymity, even inside this virtual sex convention. If anything, we make more inviting targets.

In this virtual world, it is easy for someone to pose as someone they are not. Folks here complain about that all the time when they meet up with someone who is very different from profile, picture or e-mail. But the problem goes much deeper. This is about lurkers who cloak themselves entirely in fake profiles and pictures, seeking to get sincere people to expose their vulnerabilities, their sexuality, or their emotions. Teenagers posing as adults behind fake profiles like to snicker at what goes on here. Or they are after personal information that can be damaging to those who lend it out.

The gullible folks at one of the largest cell phone providers in the country must be kicking themselves about falling for a similar prank. They are realizing their entire system was compromised when a group of teenagers posed as supervisors and in a phone call managed to get passwords to secure systems. Once inside, the hackers were on an electronic joyride.

Certainly, I remember teens and pre-teens in my younger days who liked to make the classic Princess Albert in a can phone call. But today’s hackers, posers, and fakes seem to be even more mean-spirited. And the damage is much greater.

The mean-spirited are on this website too. These posers and fakes are after a quick thrill, hoping to prey on the vulnerabilities of folks who are here with some of their emotions exposed. Others want to assert their adolescent superiority as a type of ego trip.

Various men on the site have complained in the past about being pestered by minors. The following two incidents are what I believe are two examples.

(The remainder of this post will conclude inside.)

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5/20/2005 2:46 pm

Part II

UrPuNkRoCkQuEeN cruised past my profile and blog on May 11. I noticed she had a blog, so I went to check it out. It was called, rawr, im a dinosaur. On her profile UrPuNkRoCkQuEeN claimed to be 19. But in her blog she openly admitted to being 16. I left a note saying she should clarify this.

I believe in letting folks play here as much as possible, but allowing teens on the site opens the entire community to dangers. Of course, with teenagers running about against the site’s terms of use, this can expose those teens to sexual predators and the site to investigations dealing with the sexual abuse of minors. No one wants that in this already vulnerable community.

UrPuNkRoCkQuEeN did not take kindly to my concerns. Her response:

yes, rockwriter, i am 16 not 19, don’t you feel bad you can’t get with me? you know the only reason im on here is to see how many guys think im sexi.

In a special posting she entitled “deal with it old man,” UrPuNkRoCkQuEeN also had this to say:

actually i’ve been think about shutting down my profile cause i’m tired of perverts trying to get in my panties. but i guess that’s what this site is for so why am i complaining about?

Other teens violating the terms of use also posted on rawr, im a dinosaur. After several complaints, the administrators shut down the blog and her profile by May 15.


Alright, I stuck my nose into that one and I could have just ignored it. My complaints weren’t because she called me old, but because she was misrepresenting herself and endangering this entire enterprise. The next case is different. It came looking for me.

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Part III

To set the stage a bit, this next case blew up about the same time as the Bella Scandal. I won’t recount that here. But at the time the entire Land of Blog was focused on the issue of fakery and what is real in cyberspace. For more on that see posts from greeneyesatl05 on April 20 “A Bad Week for Men on this Friendly Site” and on April 23 “My Open Comment to Bella.” See also a post from [blog postingnick] on April 21 “Poor Bella.”

I have received three winks in my time here. None of them good. Some know my first wink was from a prostitute. My second wink came from cockluv4.
Naturally, I decided to check out the profile. First, I noticed a discrepancy: was this person 18 or 20? Either way, those ages are too young for me, so I clicked out. But my IM notice popped up and someone at that profile wanted to chat. This was a first for me at this site, so I thought, Why not see what happens? Checking the system out wouldn’t hurt. Well, you know what happens when you combine boredom, technology, temptation, and ignorance....

During the conversation, cockluv4 kept saying married, older men were hot. I was skeptical. At first, I had a barrage of questions. How old are you really? The answer: 20. Why are you really here? Answer: bored with my husband. Isn’t 46 (well, that was how old I was at the time) a little old for you? Answer: no, I like older men.

Here is some of the rest of the conversation and my thoughts:

cl4 “My pussy is really wet. Can you help me get off?”

I’m not biting here. I’ve never been interested in cybersex. And who knows who is really at the other end of this conversation.

rw58 “Where are you right now?”
cl4 “School.”
rw58 “Oh boy!”
cl4 “I’d really like to cum. Can you help me?”
rw58 “Tell me exactly where you are.”

The answer is the name of a local community college. Now, my skeptical side is really humming.

cl4 “I’m in the library. I like getting off in public.”
rw58 “Shouldn’t you be studying?”
cl4 “I’m really horny. I wish I had your cock right now.”

This is probably a bunch of frat boys getting their jollies out. I’m starting to feel a bit angry now.

rw58 “You’re going to have to answer more questions first.”
cl4 “OK if I can have your dick in my pussy.”

My anger is now getting the better part of my judgment. Why not play along and assume a dominant personality as a way to vent?

A series of questions bark out from my keyboard. Tell me what you’re wearing? In detail. What are you wearing underneath? Don’t skip details. The answers: a short summer skirt, tank top and frilly panties with flowers on them. New questions, now: Can anyone see you? Can anyone hear you? The answer: someone is around the corner but this is a semi-private place.

rw58 “Put your hand under your skirt, but don’t touch your panties.”
cl4 “OK”
rw58 “Pretend one finger is my tongue. Run it up and down your thighs lightly.”
cl4 “I’m getting wetter.”
rw58 “Don’t put your fingers on your clit or in your pussy until I tell you.”

The teasing goes on like this. I’m actually enjoying the writing. But who is manipulating whom? I’m still not convinced a roomful of hooting frat boys isn’t on the other end, but now it seems like a contest of who can be more outrageous.

cl4 “Don’t tease me anymore. I need your cock bad now.”
rw58 “I’ll tell you when you’re ready.”
cl4 “Wait for a second. I have to move.”

(Time elapses.)
cl4 “I’m in the bathroom now. Let my finger be like your cock. Please.”
rw58 “The bathroom? Where is the computer?”
cl4 “With me. Please I want to cum.”
rw58 “So you have a laptop?”

Incredulity now. Can you picture someone sitting with a laptop, panties pulled downward, searching frantically with one hand for ecstasy while typing out lines for a cyber session with the other?

cl4 “I need your cock. NOW!”
rw58 “Shove it in hard. All the way.”
cl4 “Oh yes! So good. Talk dirty to me. My husband won’t do that.”
rw58 “Take all my cock you little slut. Keep pumping it fast.”
cl4 “Yes. Keep talking. It’s so good.”
rw58 “Keep pushing on my cock cumslut. Who owns your pussy?”
cl4 “My pussy is yours. It feels so good.”
rw58 “What do you want inside you?”
cl4 “I want your cum. I want all your cum.”
rw58 “You won’t get that until you promise your pussy is mine now.”
cl4 “I promise.”
rw58 “I’m just going to keep fucking you hard cumslut. I won’t stop for a long time.”
cl4 “I’m cumming!!!!”

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5/20/2005 2:48 pm

Part IV

After a long pause cockluv4 comes back on the line and wants me to meet on campus. Luckily, I was only caught up in the cyber moment. After I said I needed more assurances before meeting face-to-face, the line goes dead. (I’ve learned this is not unusual with IM sessions now, but at the time I was thinking this was another bad sign.)

Later, this message was posted in my blog:

hi how are u- u made me come really hard at school yesterday in the girls bathroom

After that some e-mail was exchanged. I still wanted to solve the mystery of whether this was a group of teens laughing or someone serious. The requests to meet on campus kept coming, but were deflected. I insisted if there was real sincerity in the proposal we’d meet in a place of my choosing and only after I saw a series of pictures that I thought were real. I checked out cockluv4 with one of the network members who had listed a testimonial for that profile. He had never met the person connected to the profile.

This is the only e-mail I still have from that profile:

i will get u a pic- i need an email to send it- most guys i met like the idea of a public place- it is not a prank but sex is hottest where it is not suppose to take place- i love u calling me a cumslut- i think that is so hot too- i will get u a pic of my titties ok but have to borrow a digital and figure how to get it on a computer to send to u.

Of course, no pictures were ever sent. No meeting took place.

Within ten days of the IM session, the profile of cockluv4 disappeared. My e-mails from that profile were erased. A notation in their place told me the member had been purged from the system for abuse. But now the profile is back.

What does that mean? Who was behind the profile?

In my mind, it is still a group of laughing teenagers. I’m sorry I fell for their stunt one boring afternoon. Just another reason to watch out for fakes in this virtual world.

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Are you going to start wearing a fedora, calling yourself a private dick, women "dames" and legs "gams"?
I love it.

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.. a bottle of scotch and a gun in your drawer?

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...haze of cigar smoke in the ramshackle office?

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