Courtesan & Pornbot Advisory #3  

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6/2/2005 2:31 pm

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Courtesan & Pornbot Advisory #3

This is the third report on this topic. Other posts on prostitution can be found by tracing backward through the last posting on May 11: Courtesan & Pornbot Advisory #2. All members noted here have been reported prior to this posting.

Part I

Since the last posting on this topic, the prostitutes have stopped mailing me but their aggressive activities are more than this website can seem to cope with on a weekly basis.

For instance, the leading courtesan in the DC area seems to be reaching out to more and more men. ParamourinDC Every report on courtesans and prostitution has featured ParamourinDC. But she also has a second profile. SugarBabyinDC4U Check out the profile for SugarBabyinDC4U. Although not identical, it is very similar to the one for ParamourinDC. Those in the DC area should be forewarned.

adorableamber1 When first reported, adorableamber1 was working out of Las Vegas, but as of this writing she is operating out of Chicago. Here’s what she says in her profile:

I am looking for a Mature, Respectful, Generous Gentlemen that enjoys the company of a real lady! I am looking for a man that's knows what he wants and not afraid to get it. I love a man that don't have a problem with perks and passion. Please do not contact me if you are not into having a mutual beneficial relation$hip!

That certainly makes the relation$hip quite clear.

Gracious007 Working out of Florida, Gracious007 is quite open about her pay-for-play arrangement:

A Gracious And Beautiful Playmate--
Your Very Own Courtesan for the Afternoon!
A Discreet, Fun & Exciting Adrenaline Rush!
Looking For A Very Generous Benefactor....

Slut4Utouse Back to Maryland now, Slut4Utouse is also quite direct in her profile:

Interested in GENEROUS gentlemen in my area. Especially those who have fantasies that have never been fulfilled.

sweetbbw4funFollowers of this blog know my interest in BBWs, so I couldn’t resist including this profile from sweetbbw4fun, who is also quite direct:

5 6' i have suckable 38D. passionate in and out of the bedroom. iso a generous man...want to play with this accomindating woman ?

Lovemydoctor After some thought, Lovemydoctor is included here and not on the questionable list. Unlike some, she is active on the discussion boards, but the rewrite of her profile is quite clear that at the very least she is looking for a sugar daddy. Here’s an excerpt from her latest profile:

I am very accomodating and eager to please! I am looking ONLY for ONE upscale, executive-type gentleman to be a mistress to.... Seeking generous, well spoken, perhaps dominant professional male. No attachments, just fun times and companionship-- someone who will take care of all my worries....

And she’ll probably find him too.

AdultFriendFinder did manage to shut down HotLana1000 and then when her profile resurfaced as LanaDcups2 she was shut down again.

Part II

hollywoodscxqThe most notorious pornbot has returned. In the last report we thought hollywoodscxq had been extinguished. Actually, this bot was operating as hollywoodscx which was shut down on May 10. However, by May 13, the bot had regenerated with its newest handle, but the same profile and picture.

Part III
Questionable Profiles

IWANTMRGENEROUS There is nothing untoward about the profile of IWANTMRGENEROUS. However, she is on tour. She was in DC recently and now she is in North Carolina. Her handle seems to shout that the relationship may be a pay-for-play arrangement. However, she is not direct in her profile. Of course, her handle may take care of that. I’m erring on the cautious side here.

Part IV

Of those on the courtesan list on May 11, denia78 has been eliminated. However, four others in Kentucky, New York and DC continue to operate.

The administrators have stamped out the pornbot HOTNSEXY114, at least for now.

FuckinHarrisburg The questionable profile of FuckinHarrisburg, however, remains on the site.

Part V

1. ParamourinDC
2. SugarBabyinDC4U
3. bigbreasts2002
4. DangerousBeaut3
5. Lexington_lady
6. adorableamber1
7. Gracious007
8. Slut4Utouse
9. sweetbbw4fun
10. Lovemydoctor

11. hollywoodscxq

Questionable Profiles
12. FuckinHarrisburg

Just remember: be careful out there!

(This post was denied by the administrators twice on June 2. It may be difficult to remove the solicitation references from a post about just that on this website but attempting to re-post anyway.)

feel_my_heat 36F  
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6/3/2005 10:20 am

Keep up the good work Rock. My husband has had a few asshole pornbots write him. We block them ASAP.

mandingoXXX31 43M
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6/3/2005 1:36 pm

Thanks for the great info!! I have run across some strange profiles and am glad that I wasn't just being TOO cautious!!


rockwriter58 56M
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6/6/2005 2:25 pm


Sorry to hear of the stalking problem. Like these courtesan profiles, that makes it more difficult to carry on for all of us. I'm sure, like me, you have reported these profiles and come up with some mixed results.

If there is anything I can do to help though, please let me know. You know I don't mind writing about controversy.

Oh, and Kate, you are the only "madame" who is officially recognized and welcomed here. (I was always a supporter of your write-in campaign.)

>>>BigD... glad we could be of some minor service.

>>>Lady... always good to see you in these parts.

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