The Town of Piedras  

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The Town of Piedras

The Town of Piedras

It began by touching things owned by someone else when they left the room. He discovered he gained a power over them. It might have been the ranch and his parents, or the job they gave him in the laundromat. There were those those countless lonely nights opening change boxes and filling the bank bag with the silver coins. It had squeezed the humanity out of him like a plastic bottle of ketchup in a cheap restaurant. He lay night in the backyard...looking at the stars and trying to ferret some meaning out of it all. He felt like he could reach up to that black sky, and watch his fingers disappear as he worked his hands through the blanket of the night. Then they would tear apart the darkness and there would be sounds. Not everyday sounds, but hissing and suction like noises....then there would be the light. A light blue light and he would be able to see it all. Where he went wrong, or his path went from everyday to everyone pays. The feeling of the most gigantic I don't give a damn anymore that metamorphosed into a desire to take down all things good and beautiful. Yeah, the yang ate the yin till it wasn't so clever anymore....their wasn't any yin in his yang. It was frightening and beautiful. Anyway their was a fork in the road and he took it. It was not your normal, productive change of directions. This was a forgotten road...where the unprepared were easily corrupted and lost to this world. All the good things he did became an act. The devious part was living the actors life and his new one. He was very good at it...after all he had been working for years to escape this place. Now he could leave whenever he wanted. No one knew he was gone because the actor was always here.

The way to work was about 18 miles. He took the same way was in July that Tip started to get up a little earlier and take different ways. He saw this woman on about the fourth day. He kept going that way for about 2 weeks and she was always there at 6:30 walking back towards town. It got so he wanted to wave but he was too smart. attention that might get discussed over supper, "Honey, I see the same man every morning in a blue car and he waves at me ....isn't that nice?" You get the idea. He thought she had a health problem...she walked a little funny but she just didn't get it....all that discipline to get well and in the end she would just wind up dead or doing some menial task. It was easy. He just drove by one morning and at the last instance held out this aluminum baseball bat. He drove fairly fast and caught her from behind...thats cause he got up half hour earlier than the day before and caught her going, with her back to him. Yeah, the early worm got that bird.

The next day he felt the power in him. It was like savoring a piece of candy in his soul. He could mull over the moral decadence of the situation and luxuriate in the command he had of his emotions. It was as if he had a choice and neither was worse than the other one. Good and Bad were merely choices. He had killed her because he had the strength. Right and wrong meant nothing to a spider or a butterfly. That beautiful insect would cheerfully kill the spider in his own web if he had the power...or could find the power. Tip was testing his strength with the woman. Now he had discovered power objects. Eyeglasses were good to touch if someone left them in the room when they went to the bathroom. They would not have a good day after he touched them. At first he could only make them do small things like lose their balance slightly. Then he could manipulate their thoughts a bit. "God, I am having a bad day...I just don't know why." And Tip would smile under the mask of I am Tip. No one would suspect. Another good thing had happened lately, a new woman had moved to town. She had an aunt she was visiting and when he had first seen her his mouth had fallen open. Before he had power he would have thought of her as unreachable. Not now. He was confident that women and men sought each other and the competition around here was definitely scarce. He found out her name in the library where he first saw her. Today she was walking out by the river park. He slowed his car so he could speak to her.

"Hey Lousy...or should I say Louise?" It was flowing easy for Tip today. "Are you going to town?" The city center was about a mile from the little park by the river. His left arm hung out the window and tapped a rhythym on the blue metal.
"Yeah and I suppose you want to give me a ride?" Louise was dark and beautiful. In his new state Tip could sure turn on the charm. He slapped the door hard to finalize the moment.
"If you insist I can...I was really rather busy." He laughed at this remark, so easily coming off his tongue. Talking to people was not one of Tip's strong points, talking to women was definitely one of his weak points.
"Then let's go Lousy."
"O.K. Pit," she shot back.
"I am going to the library, doing some research. Where are you going?"
Louise turned her head quickly so her dark brown hair fell perfectly around her face. She tilted her head slightly and said, "To the gym. I just have to get into better shape."
"Yeah, me too. I'm gonna start next week."
They both laughed and the blue Buick pulled away from the roadside. Tip held it at a steady 55 all the way to Piedras. He was not in a hurry today and he felt good, very good. Before his change he was always tired. He was never tired now. In fact he hardly ever slept. Their was so much to stay on top of, he had been touching the librarians pen for the last few weeks...always finding excuses to use it. He had power over her now. While he was talking to Louise his second attention was on the librarian. She was not having a good day. She was feeling very apprehensive. Tip was close to giving her a panic attack when Louise spoke.
"Tip, where do you work?"
"Temporaily for my parents at their laundromat. I am studying Mexican philosphy and want to go to school and learn more. I found this book on pre-Columbian beliefs and practices at the library. I have been fascinated by it. It's opened a lot of doors for me."
"Yeah, well that can't pay much, how do you live?"
A moment of silence.
"Did I say something wrong?"
"Not really, let's just say I am independently least for a while."
He fiddled with the mirror. Louise licked her lips and looked around. He didn't want to tell her he lived with his parents.
"Are you going to write a book about it?"
"About what?"
"Pre-Columbian beliefs."
Tip stopped smiling, he lost his second attention and the librarian suddenly felt better.
"Let's just say I am doing it for self-improvement. Kinda like a mental gym."

The rest of the ride Tip felt her presence like a dog laying next to a bone. Louise quit asking questions as they neared the library. When Tip parked the car outside the gym the librarian came down with a severe migraine and had to go home. Tip saw her walking to her car after he dropped Louise off. He liked Louise and planned on touching her things later. He wanted to see if he could manipulate her to like him sexually. He hadn't had a woman in the regular way...where he could talk to them after. When he was done, they definitely weren't talking. The librarian walked by the car and she looked ill.
"Hey, where ya' goin? I gotta check out some books?"
"Oh, it's you. Beth is still there. She can help you."
"But I want you to help me."
The wind blew some dust along the street and the librarian looked very sick... and now she was afraid.
"Leave me alone, please, I am going home sick."
"I know, I made you sick." Tip felt like a minor god now. She was scared and felt the power that surrounded him. She was so dizzy, there was no possible way to run from him and her voice was suddenly cut short. She tried to speak but couldn't. She looked at Tip and saw he had his hand over his mouth. She knew he controlled her. She fainted.

When she awoke later she was in her car. The windows were rolled down and the breeze, such as it was, felt good on her skin. She thought she must have fainted in the car from the migraine. She remembered nothing of Tip. While she was driving home she noticed that the wind blowing up her skirt from the vents was ruffling her pubic hair. The realization that her panties were gone made her day even worse than it had been. She reached up her dress and found her bare folds and stiff hair. Thank god the area wasn't wet. She went home and examined herself for and found nothing. Their was a black spot in her brain that she could not open. She new it held the secret to what happened to her. Then Tip told her to sleep and she did. He had found another power object. While he wore her white cotton panties he was she.

He noticed that the panties were drawing energy from him. He wanted to take them off, but they had become glued to his skin...almost branded to him. They started to burn everytime he thought of her that night. He was going to have her walk outside naked and make love to a cactus in the desert that surrounded Piedras. Good, bad it didn't matter. He just needed to know if he could get her to mount a saguaro cactus and hump herself to death. He knew she was going out the back door of her house. It was late so her nudity would probably not be noticed. She was walking through her backyard and out into the desert. Her crotch was wet and her lips were parted...but the panties were burning Tip like fire now. He was in deep pain and he had to find her. This was not going as planned and he felt desperate and afraid. The power was out of control and surging. He drove into town and ran into the dark desert. Finding her was easy...for he was her. When he did he bashed her with a rock between the shoulder blades and she went down. The fire was still burning him, but he was able to tear off the panties. He put them on her and due to his new strength was able to take her back to her house and put her in bed. He left quickly and tried not to think of her anymore. When she awoke the next morning the neighbors heard her crying, but they did not intrude. They felt guilty later when they found her dead. She had hung herself with her own underwear.

Louise could not quit thinking about Tip. She had finished her work out and was feeling the confidence of a tight body and clear mind. Since she got back from her extended trip to Haiti she hadn't found anything about the desert town of Piedras that she liked other than the its proximity to the mexican border. She was a born traveler and student of life. Tip was an unusual man, he had a confidence about him that she liked. His slight frame was stretched to over 6 feet in height. He had a friendly face that reminded her of a salesman...a salesman that sells you what you want. She didn't care, we're all selling something she thought. She hoped to see him tommorrow, if she wasn't too tired from visiting her aunt tonite. Emma was all the family she had left since her mom and dad had been murdered. She didn't like to think about that night in Wisconsin when she had found them. They had been tortured, mutilated and her mom and dad had been forced to do things while the killer watched. In fact he had filmed most of it and left the tape. It was awful...her father crying while her mother urged him on so they could live. It didn't matter in the end. The tape ended with them being shot. They had just held each other. The mutilation, thank god, took place after they were dead. Now Emma was her family...thats why she had come to this place after her trip to Haiti. She had used some of the insurance money to get away from the thoughts for a while. Now she was hoping to find something that interested her, to give the rest of her life direction. It was so difficult carrying on a conversation with Emma. They both had to tip-toe around the subject of her parents murder's, and since they had not spent much time together previously, they hadn't found a lot in common.

She left the gym and went to Emma's house by the small river that ran through Piedras. It was called Agua Negras....Black Water in spanish. Its name was not consistent with its color...the Agua Negras was a clear stream with a rounded rock river bed. It was nice to swim in provided there hadn't been rains in the mountains. Flash floods were a danger then. There were very ancient rock glyphs carved on some boulders about 30 miles up the river. Tip had told her about those. She followed the old river road to Emma's and went to the door of the stucco house.

"Emma,you in there?"
"EM, are ya there?"
A small ground squirrrel chittered and ran across the scravel that passed for a side yard.
"HEY, EMMA. Where are you?"
"Shut the hell up Louise, you just scared off my squirrel."
Louise jerked around in fright. Her hair did not perfectly frame her covered her mouth as she slammed her back into the door.
"God you scared me Em!" "Why didn't you answer?"
"I was after that damn squirrel. Almost had the little bastard too. It's chewed holes in my attic vents and is storing seeds up there. He don't pay rent.....yet."
"What are we eating tonite then....squirrel?"
Emma laughed a hard, but kind laugh. She looked like Louise might in 50 years or so. Her voice was leathered like her skin. It was as if the climate could take not only your physical being and harden it to but also your thoughts and words. She liked Louise but always felt uncomfortable around her after the murder's. What the hell do you say? They had a dinner of chicken and rice and while they sipped some cold beer Louise asked Emma if she knew Tip.

"That boy, yeah I know him. Still lives with his parents out on the old Ojo de Gato ranch. He works at the laundromat...fixin machines somebody washed horse blankets in or put slugs in the coin slot. He's always been a shy boy till he started studying that old book at the library. I heard he takes peyote and dances in the desert."
"He told me he was studying old toltec or mexican religion."
"I think he's studying how to change from a wimp into a man...whatever he's doing I don't like him. I am suspicious of too much change in a person. No one changes in this town. Your born a wimp, you die a wimp. Its the climate. Nothing changes about it either." Louise looked at Emma. She had been a beautiful woman in her day and still threw a shadow that made a man's look linger a bit. She was grateful she was of that gene pool.

The rest of the evening was passed a little more uncomfortably since they did not have Tip to talk about. The conversation was always in danger of coming too close to something about her parents. Emma fell asleep after a few beers so Louise quietly left. She thought about throwing a cover over her but it was still hot. Louise still had some beer left in the fruit jar glass so she took it with her. It was pleasant drinking the cold fluid as she walked through the desert town. She walked back to the room she had taken over the hardware store and fell asleep thinking about Tip.She would figure a way to "bump" into him tommorrow. Hell you had to have something to look forward too in this place...besides, she thought she may be staying here for a while after all. She began to sense a substance in this place that she liked...she liked it a lot.

Louise awoke on Friday morning with an immediate smile. Things were starting to go very well she thought. Today, after an hour at the gym, she was going to do her laundry. Being intuitive, she knew she would pick the right time to run into Tip. It was like that for her. When the confidence was up whatever she wanted seemed to fall her way. She had quit doubting it a few years ago. Then drawn as she was to Haiti her needs were surpassed beyond her wildest dreams. She had dabbled in Santeria and embraced a few of the principals. They seemed to go along with her Catholic upbringing. For her it was like a black, spiritual church...with a few differences, like the blood sacrifices and the trances...but that was the key. Learning the ancient secrets and seeing modern needs for them. Her beauty and her willingness to use it had stamped her ticket. She had finally gotten a degree and now she was more than she appeared. Shit, she was happy. Happier than she had been when her parents were telling her to go to Brown University. They were good folks, but they had no idea of her place in life. Now they never would.

Tip was angry and it was hot. Mechanical things often frustrated him. He had no power over them. They could be power objects if someone else owned them, an uncaring ally of his, but by themselves they were useless. This light blue laundromat of his parents was driving him crazy. He hated the "out of order" signs when he saw them. That was the closest his parents could come to writing him a couldn't be any different for him anymore. He had given up hoping for a closer relationship with them. He had his own room at the ranch that was separated from the house and the rest of the family. He rarely saw them. It was an old shop he had converted for his use and privacy. It was without decoration of any kind...because he could change it into any arrangement he wanted just by thinking about it. If he had anything, such as a picture on the wall, it messed up his ability to mind change the small dwelling into whatever he chose. That was a good thing, but he couldn't command these damn washers or dryers to work. He was busy trying to get some gum someone had stuffed into the coin slot of one when he heard the door open.

"Hi Tip." Holy hell it was Louise.
"How did you find me here?"
"Tip, I came to do my laundry...don't flatter yourself too much, you hear?"
"Thats not what I mean't, well....maybe it is but it kinda slipped out." Louise felt she was in control now but she knew she had to be careful with Tip. He was capable of some quick recoverys. They looked at each other from across the laundromat. The blue and white linoleum squares made them look like chess pieces. Whose move was it now?

Tip wanted her. Not like he wanted others. He wanted to feel her warmth and keep her, not to hurt her, so he could enjoy her again. She wore some jeans that said "Blueskin" on a little leather tab on her hip pocket. She was perfect. Absolutely perfect.
"How long are you staying in Piedras?" He was worried she may be leaving very soon. That might not give him enough time to cast his power about her.
"I plan to stay for a few months before going to Chiapas, in Mexico."
"Whats in Mexico?"
"Let's just say it's a cultural trip, o.k.?" Tip was happy now. More happy than you can imagine when he saw her laundry. She had a lot of her underwear laying on top of the basket. He was particularly interested in the white cotton panties. They had proven to be a potent manipulative object. They had overpowered him before, but he was ready for the surge this time. If he could get a pair of these he was sure Louise would be his for as long as she interested him....and yeah she really interested him. When they looked at each other it was like two ancient warriors measuring each other before battle.
"Maybe we can go out tommorrow night. Would you like that? I could show you the desert at night or the bowling alley in Ocorro." She could not refuse. He knew this. She knew it too. It was as it was meant to be in both their lives.
"That would suit pick which one. You got a bathroom for a lady in here?"
"Its out back. The doors marked."
"Thanks, I will be right back. You can start those clothes if your bored."
He almost lost his control then. This was too easy.
"No problem. I'll put the whites in first."

As soon as she was out the door he picked up the panties. He touched them like a pilgrim would a piece of the true cross. He had a few moments to cherish them. The key to Louise...but this time he was going to use his powers carefully...not let it overpower him and drive him. He could control it and the woman. He placed the white fabric against his face and felt the essence of another life force. It was like static electricity on his skin...the tingling was slightly painful. Then he stuffed them into his pants and put the rest of the laundry in the washer. She never suspected anything. They chatted for another 25 minutes and he made an excuse to leave. Louise thought she would be seeing him tommorrow. He was going to see her tonite. The white cotton burned into his skin and crackled a made him smile and feel like he was having a orgasm...although that was impossible. He had never experienced one before but his penis was hard and throbbing. Each step he took his jeans rubbed him and increased the pleasure till he fell into his car seat while his member contracted and ejaculated blood and semen. He was so exhausted he could hardly drive home. Tip was fulfilled. He had had his first normal sexual experience.

Louise danced in the moonlight. She had pulled the head off the squirrel and its blood sprayed in the sand as she spun in circles. Her dance caused her eyes to roll back in her head and her legs were bent. They opened and closed rapidly at the knees. She was a tall woman and her dark hair had become entangled around her face. Her hands turned the headless squirrel towards her body and slowly raised the dead rodent above her head so the blood fell into her hair. Then she turned her face toward the black sky so the warm fluid dripped onto her lips as she squeezed the light, tan fur. Her full, dark red lips parted slightly and she tasted the life of the animal. She became like the animal. She slipped the gauze like white robe off her shoulder and it dropped to the ground. More blood dripped onto her breasts and the dance became more frenetic. Dust was rising around her feet and she began to glow like a warrior princess. Her beauty, her nakedness, were a combination of deadly forces. She rolled in the sand and it stuck to the congealed blood on her body.
Finally it was over and she lay waiting for Tip to summon her. She had almost realized too late that he was a holder and user of power. She was not sure what brought them together or whether he was aware of her as a seeker and user of life forces. She had gathered her power and was ready.

The single lamp by the small bed was the only source of light in his small room. The white panties were smooth and sensual as he pulled them slowly up his hairless legs. His testicles and penis hung out the small panel that covers the female anatomy. The feel of them, the thought of her made him erect. He fought the urge to touch himself. Soon, very soon he would be mounting her. She would be powerless and worship his stone like rod. In the dim light he could see the large blue vein pulsing against the pale skin as his spear raised and lowered off his it had a life of its own and was doing push-ups in anticipation of the tall, dark, Louise. He turned the light out and from the power of the stolen garmet he summoned her. He felt the warmth come into his body from them. He waited quietly...except for the diamond hard penis...that rose and fell and ticked like a clock when its head slapped his stomach, just above the warm, white panties.

An hour passed before he heard the gentle footsteps just outside his window. The anticipation rose in him as her heard her walk around the building to his door. From the beetle black darkness of his room he heard the doorknob turn, then the squeak of the door as it opened. She came across the room slowly, trancelike, and he could smell her perfume as she neared him. He started to rise up from the bed but he felt the control he had of her and willed her to take him into her mouth. He felt her hair brushing his legs as she sucked. He was feeding her. He wondered if a woman felt this fulfilled when she breastfed. His brain was leaking pure pleasure through his spine. He willed her to climb onto the bed and straddle him. He could make out the naked female form over him. Her hands were cold as she took his hardened steel cock and placed the tip between her jellied lips. He shuddered as she lowered herself onto him and he penetrated her. She took him all the way to his black hairy balls and began moving her hips up and down. The white panties were goo like and covered with juices. He reached for her and felt for her breasts. Something was dreadfully wrong. They were drooping and wrinkled and very, very cold. Tip grabbed the pull chain on the lamp and when the light came on he wished it was dark again. There, on top of him a corpse of an old lady was thrusting on him. Her face was still turning dark blue. A neat round hole went into her forehead. Her mouth was open and the head of a dead squirrel was hanging from a braided rope around her neck.

At that moment, in Em's sideyard, the naked blood covered Louise was on all fours and in the full throws of having sex with something invisible, and by the sounds of it, terrible. She was spread as wide as possible and her vagina was parted as an invisible penis slid in and out. Scratches opened on her back and blood beaded and ran down her ivory-pink skin. Her breast were squeezed by invisible hands. She increased the motion of her body and brought on the orgasm and pain. She was hooked and thrown upwards and jerked back by her crotch repeatedly. She gave and then she took. She screamed and slammed her legs together.....

Tip felt his organ shatter like a small pointed rock hit by a sledgehammer. The panties turned to ice and death, and it spread to his heart. He died with Aunt Em still thrusting into his bloody crotch.

Louise collapsed into the sandy dirt and Aunt Em's strings were cut and she fell like the puppet she had become onto Tip. Louise slept for a few minutes while her power came back. When she awoke she walked into Em's house and showered. This would be her home now. She thought of her parents and the income she had gotten from their house when she sold it. She could live here, comfortably, for a long time. She remembered the looks on their faces when she had tortured them and filmed them having sex. It was necessary to throw the investigators off. No loving daughter could have committed such a act. Tommorrow when they found Tip and Em together they would realize he was one sick dude to have killed her and then had sex with her. It must have been the stress of having sex with a corpse that made him hemmorhage in his groin area, or maybe he was sick or had eaten too much peyote. Someone would have to come and tell her the awful news tommorrow. She hoped it was that young mexican policeman. She would need a companion in Chiapas.....for a while.

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