Reality TV show....or my life?  

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8/3/2005 5:01 am

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Reality TV show....or my life?

I thought i would take this post to fill everyone in on my living situation! This is so much easier than telling the story for the millionth time!!

Yes, i am a single guy(with a girlfriend). Yes I live with two lesbians. Yes, one of the lesbians was raised Amish. No i am not making any of this up!!
I know it sounds like a really bat sitcom or maybe the latest reality show, but somehow it is my living

After living with my ex girlfriend(worst experience EVER!) i really needed a place to stay! It was either be homeless or crash on friends couches for a few weeks til i found something. Then...out of the blue....the gods sent me a lesbian with a room to rent! I worked with the one girl who had just moved down from Cleveland, who has luck would have it just kicked her ex-girlfriend out of their house! This information was divulged over an epic drinking binge that started as happy hour after work one day! I sobered up, connected the dots....and the next week i was shacking up with two Lesbians!! Woo Hoo right? Not so much...great girls....but more like sisters....i have had many a fantasy ruined in the last year and a half!! 15 months and i have not walked in on one lesbian orgy!!!

Anyway, feel free to comment or ask any i well let you know if we get picked up by a network!!

"When i used to go out i knew everyone i i go out alone if i go out at all..."
-The Walkmen

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