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5/14/2005 11:54 am

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I'm a bit stressed right now so i though i'd take it out on my comuputer, since it seems to be the cause of most of it. It clearly does not like me. It causes me pain that could only be equaled by sandpaper underwear, covered in sugar and fully exposed to some hungry bees.

This amount of stress wants me to run away and live in the woods. I'll grow a big beard and wear a loin cloth over my genitals. I actually made an agreement with a few friends when I was 10, that by the time we were 30 (which is still 8 years from now) we would go live in the woods together. I reckon if I leave now, I can get the woods just the way we want it by the time they arrive.

Or, I could just relax a bit now and avoid this strange agreement I made in my pre-adolescent years. Yes - better idea. I will leave you with a (bad) joke.

What's red and invisible?
-no tomatoes

What do you call a dog with no tongue?
-smelly balls

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