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rockinScot 33M
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4/5/2005 8:00 am

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Talking crap

Hey there,
This is my fourth post here and i still don't know what kind of trend this blog is going on. I tried a quick moan and then a bit of talking crap. (which was done without the influence of alcohol - believe it or not!) Personally, i feel talking crap (or 'creative writing' as some people call it) is the way to go. It requires less thought than anything else and it stops people from taking what you're saying too seriously.

I think that if people would just learn to take the site less seriously then it would be an altogether better site. None of this complaining because you're a standard member that can't contact anyone, (do you really expect anything for free?) complaining at the lack of 'real' people (it's the internet for goodness sake - if you want real people - go outside!!!!) and also women not responding to ads. (a billion emails a day - that's a lot of responses!)

So chill out everyone, relax and spend time talking crap, reading crap - preferably my crap!


ccmyplaymate 50M/47F

4/5/2005 9:13 am

You're a funny guy. I love the harsh reality. Yours is the first blog I have read and I'm amused already

keithcancook 60M
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4/5/2005 9:52 am

Nice post. Go outside indeed!

expatbrit49 62M

4/5/2005 9:54 am

Seems to have an upbeat track

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