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4/11/2005 10:28 am

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How come we don't see much of that?

Well, with any luck i should (finally) have the beginnings of a photo album coming soon so i'll be getting ready for my '5 times more views' or whatever that i can expect. But the type of picture -lets' see.

My Face - a good starting point. A must for a photo on a personals site you would think, but should i be clean shaven, tidied up hair, spikey hair...hang on....getting into a bit of a feminine conversation here. Lets' just see what i look like when i wake up in the morning and we'll take it from there.

Torso - i'm a fit guy, i do my running, press ups and chin ups along with other sporty stuff. Maybe if i can fit in my face this might be the best option. But it's not the most down to earth option is it? It's a bit up oneself to have a picture that you're blatently sucking-in and tensing any part of your body to look good. Maybe in the private album.

cock - a lot's been written about the male genitalia in photographic form on this site, and i've been paying attention. Private only. Not everyone wants to see it and there are no 'look away now' signs for people that don't.

bum - never seen the whole of it myself since it seems to be tucked away in an awkward place. Might attract the wrong kind of attention from over enthusiatic butt-lovers.

My thoughts only. I'll get back to some random stuff soon.

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