Friday night -- 3/10/06  

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Friday night -- 3/10/06

First of all, I'm not Hasselhoff. My former band mates used to call me that, because of a vague similarity in appearance, so the blog poster that was referring to Hasselhoff was actually jumping onto an inside joke. I laughed my ass off! Thanks for the much needed chortle, pal!

Anyways, this is the third day that I have been on this site. I had emailed a few ladies who profiles had raised my interest, and I was in the middle of a meeting with some higher-ups when an email page came across my Blackberry. It was from one of the women I had corresponded with, with a rather provocative and compelling email. It was kind of a rush to be getting such a descriptive email in the middle of a business meeting. I was more than distracted, but attempted to keep my cool. As soon as the meeting was over, I went to my desk, and fumbled with the blackberry to send a response. Descriptions of meeting at a hotel bar as a matter of convenience should this introduction prove fruitful were on my mind as I collected a bonus check, and left work early to start the weekend early. What was I "going to be up to tonight, and maybe even the next couple of days?", she asked. Her profile picture was so hot, I wondered what I would be doing for the next couple of days, myself. I left it open....

Since my change in marital status, friends are used to me dropping out of the loop for a couple of days. My ex- would probably be curious as to why I was unavailable, but not too overly suspicious, as she is somewhat flaky about keeping in touch.

Let's just say that I learned a lesson that I'm sure many people here have already learned. Sometimes, if something appears to be too good to be true, it is. After following all the links, I found myself at a shakedown site for some addtional money. The trail ended there.

Oh well, it was a lesson learned, and I have no regrets. For a few hours, I was really turned on, and full of desire to get out of the rut and do something spontaneous and naughty with a like minded individual of the opposite sex. Almost (ALMOST) worth the price of admission.

I'm sure that there will be future escapades with even better endings for this rocker. In my youth, there was never a lack of girls who wanted to experience my charms first hand, but somehow that kind of chase wasn't as thrilling as the one I experienced today. Could it be because now its just me, and not an image?

BTW, I met my soon to be ex-wife as a result of my being in a popular band. Even though we were together for almost 10 years, I wonder if it was the image she married, rather than the real me? After all, she left me, I'm still here.

These days are very interesting indeed. I like it, and maybe I haven't been living life to the fullest in the last few years. I'm making a point to change that. If you're a sexy lady from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, maybe you would like to join in?

Philosophically yours,

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