robroy443 54M
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5/28/2006 3:59 am

Well I thought for sure I would meet some one on this site, not so sure any more, dont know if its because of the leg thing or its just me. Went to a wedding a few weeks a go met a couple of young ladys, they are real nice, half my age and thats just too young for me it seems, one has asked me out again, but i think shes just trying to be nice,does not want to hurt me, well after what i have been thru you cant hurt me,not untill i develop feelings for you anyway. I guess I'm asking for advice from anyone who might be able to give me some, I know being alone sucks and I'm different, but once you get to know me I;m not that different, thanks for your ear, robroy

PassionatelyN2U 54M/49F
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6/7/2006 7:31 am

Well Lee... I've met and went on a date with you and I was very nice torwards you. And I wasn't being nice to you just to make you feel good. Nor am I trying to go out with you again just to be nice.
I honestly had a great time with you and you are one unique guy. It doesn't matter to me that you have a disability. We all have disabilities no matter what our situation is. If people can't accept another because he/she can't walk, talk, hear, see, or whatever then they don't need to stay around. I hope that you know that theres noone perfect and I for one am not perfect. But my feelings know what they are looking for and want and they want you and your friendship to continue to have good times with me in the future.
But if you should choose to look elsewhere then baby I wish you the best of goodtimes. Don't give up. I am not going nowhere.. unless I win the lottery LOL.
Thank you my friend for last weekend! Lets do it again. It was GREAT!!

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