Gotta love being a parent  

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11/8/2005 8:59 pm

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Gotta love being a parent

I just love being a single dad. First of all she was the one who thought that being faithful in marriage was only something I had to do. Then when I try to do the right thing by not fighting over custody of the kids, she gets a nice free paycheck everyweek. Now I get a statement from child support that I'm 3 weeks in arrers. I call them to find out whats up and they explain that they had 5 billing weeks the last couple of months and my employer only had 4. Now correct me if I'm wrong, no matter how you look at it there are only 52 weeks in a year. How can they have more weeks in a year than I do? Then I can go into the whole felling like I'm failing as a father, because of never physically being there for them when they need it. And the phone calls don't quite cut it all of the time. I feel like I have given up every hope of having a normal/decent life to try and give them everything I can. It just seems like any progress I make with them in the short time that I have them is all wiped out when they go back home.

I know that it seems like I'm woman bashing, but I'm not. There are plenty of great single mothers/fathers out there, there are also quite a few crappy ones. It just seems to me that there is always more emphasis put on the poor ones and people have a tendancy to stereotype all single fathers as deadbeats. Since I'm going on a roll here, I would also like to know why there are so many opportunities for single motheres, but as a single father they look at your gross wages and say that you don't need any help. What they don't consider is that 42% of that gross wage is taken for support and then I'm taxed also on the gross. And I get to keep all of the rest which is about 30%. I understand that this is something that I have to do, but why only the special sevices for the single motheres?

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