Another True School Teacher Story  

rob_in_memphis 56M
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4/14/2006 4:54 pm
Another True School Teacher Story

This happened to me awhile ago and went on for a couple of years. I met a local school teacher on MSN chat and we chatted for about 3 hours. She was very shy and from the country. She had just moved to Memphis and was about 10 years younger than me. The ladies name will be withheld because it’s quite possible someone may figure out who she is. I will call her “R”. Well R was a lonely housewife with two young children. The summer had just started and she had too much time on her hands, so she turned to the net for some fun and excitement. Her husband was a policeman and was never home. I talked her into meeting me in a park close to where we both lived. We met and sat in my truck chatting. R was a decent looking lady but nothing to write home about. She was a big girl with a gap toothed smile. Nice personality though and very sweet and innocent. After a few minutes the conversation turned sexual and I asked her if she wanted to suck my dick. She said yes and did for about a minute but she got scared and stopped. She then offered to give me a hand-job and would give me more when we met in private at a later date. She jacked my cock until I blew a huge load in her hand then we made plans to meet later at my house. Now what I didn’t know was that R had an oral fetish. The first time we met at my house she eagerly sucked me off and let me cum all in her mouth. It went on like that for almost two years. R didn’t really like to fuck but loved sucking dick an getting the nut in her mouth. She didn’t swallow though at least not at first. I eventually talked her into it and she swallowed several of my loads after that which is no small feat. More about this oral slut later.

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