A female school teacher I turned on to anal sex  

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4/11/2006 3:19 pm

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A female school teacher I turned on to anal sex

This is a true story. I have decided that I’m going to use this blog to share some of my most pleasurable encounters with you. If you like this then ask for more. If you don’t well I’m going to posy more anyway. Last year I met a school teacher here in Memphis after posting some nude pictures. We met at her apartment and chatted then I fucked her for an hour, she came about 4 times then I had to go. We met again at her place a week later. We started fucking again then I asked her if I could try her ass. She said yes but that she had never done it before. I went and got some Vaseline from her bathroom lubed up then trued to stick it in. She said it hurt but didn’t want me to stop. We were trying this doggy-style but it just wasn’t working. I had her lay down flat on the floor then I slowly got it in. She said it hurt again but after a few minutes she was getting into it. I was stroking pretty good in that tight virgin ass when I felt a huge load about to spurt. She knew I was about to cum then she said “you want to cum in my ass don’t you?” I said yes then she said “ok” in about two minutes I let out spurt after spurt of cum deep in her ass. She loved it and wanted more! Women may not ask for anal always but most of them love it when you do it right and are patient. More later.

31rm 42M

4/11/2006 4:46 pm

That is exactly what I found worked with my wife. Now she asks me to fuck her in the ass when she gets in the mood.

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