August 05  

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8/16/2005 5:12 am

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August 05

very hot. Hey, got a wink, thank you Missy. Wish I knew how to work these things. Well, if you are ever on email, Donedunnby421 at America on line is me. Would love to talk to you.

Anyways another poem, lets see

how about electric hand

Electric Hand

when no one is there,
in the silence
I am there.
In your thoughts,
so loosely tossed on
not feeling like
it matters anymore
still, I am there.

When you hurt,
who cares
in tears
as sparrows fall?
I care.
Without even the courtesy
to bother knocking
your closed
door down,
I care.

as a secret shame
shouting friendship,
shouting in the vacuum
of our space,
shouting without the air
we breath,
as unheard as fingertips
so invisibly touching
unspeakable places,
anatomically dreamed.

Out of bodies,
soaring round the clouds
and teases,
smiles and breezes,
so strong blue in skies,
of warm pumped blood,
hugs and squeezes,
key stroked times
and photographic seasons,
posted days with poetic nights,
so wonderfully warm
out in the cold,
holding a hand so ephemeral
as I would a simple rhyme,
held but for a though
and beyond all reason.

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