Did I miss something?  

rob32842 35M
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3/4/2006 12:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Did I miss something?

Is there some unwritten rule that I missed? Does every guy broadcasting a webcam instantly become a man-whore to whatever lady wants to see him jack off? I was chatting with a local girl today...things started off okay, but she wanted to see me on cam, and then started telling me to do all kinds of things on camera. Sorry, I'm here to meet people, not to be an exhibitionist...and there are some things I just won't do (especially not for someone I've never met). She seemed disappointed that I wouldn't do a 3-some with her and her bf...but I'm not into that. I don't know...it just weirded me out.

sideline1968 48F

3/4/2006 1:43 am

Using the cams is a good way of telling if the person is real or not. I can understand you reluctance in performing on cam. Don't share in it ... but I do understand it.

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