Go Bengals!  

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10/14/2005 7:17 am

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Go Bengals!

I love football! The cool weather, the sweaty men and my own special “game.” I like to send my Sunday afternoons curled up on the couch with you and watching my favorite team…the Browns!
Sunday, September 11, we were watching football at my place because I have an amazing flat screen tv. When you show up I’m in faded blue jean shorts and a Cleveland Browns jersey. We settle in on the couch and the game begins, not just any football game, but MY game.
The rules for my game are as follows: Put your mouth “literally” behind your team! Today I have the Browns, of course and you get the Cincinnati Bengals. If Cincinnati scores, you get head and if Cleveland scores you have to give me head! So are you man enough to play my game?
As we watch the first quarter and waited for a score, I can see a bulge in your sweats, the anticipation is driving you wild. I know my panties are hot and wet. As the second quarter starts, the ball is thrown down field. I hold my breath as the touch down is made in the end zone. Cincinnati scores first and so do you!
I stand in front of you, slowly kneeling and pull at the elastic around your waist. Next, I reach up and take hold of your hard cock. Looking up, I wrap my hand gently around the base and squeeze. As your moan in excitement, I lean over and I lick the underside, sliding my tongue up and down the length, getting you all wet and slippery. You groan as my lips close around the tip and push down.
I listen to the game in the background as I work my mouth up and down the shaft, sucking and nibbling. You keep moaning, thrusting your manhood deeper into my throat. My fingers play with the base of your cock, stroking and squeezing. You have wound your hands in my hair and push my head down on your lap. I roll my mouth around sucking hard and fast. I can taste the first drop of cum and suck harder, wrap my hands around your balls. I suck hard on the tip and pull your orgasm from you.
My pussy was dripping from the blow job and now I wanted the Browns to score. I crawled up on the couch and look over at you, your cock is limp, I watch you throbbing. You smile and say,“ I love Cincinnati.”
The second quarter neither team did much, then a touchdown for Cincinnati. You lean back, gripping your dick and start stroking it. “You lose again.” I looked at the tv and then back at you…even though it is my game, I still have to play by the rules… “Go Cleveland!). Sitting up on my knees, lean over, rest my arm on the couch and use only my mouth, sliding down, I suck slowly this time. Twisting my mouth, I move up and down on the shaft, pulling you hard into my mouth. You start to moan and push towards me, your hands move down and cup my jean-covered ass, squeezing firmly, I moan too. Then I use my teeth, scraping up the side of your cock. You start to pant, begging me to suck harder. My hair falls down, covering my face as I suck your dick.
After you get off again, I look up and tell you that Cleveland better score soon. During the second half, on the third play of the third quarter, the Browns get their first touch down. I looked over and say, “my turn…on your knees, baby!”
You know I’m looking forward to this. You kneel in front of me, telling me to stand. I look down and watch as you slowly unzip my shorts and pushed them down. I shiver in anticipation. Stepping out of them, I slide my panties down. I sit back down and you slowly run your hands up my thighs, I am wet, dripping. I looked up at the game and watch a punt as your lips touch the inside of my right thigh. I moan as the tip of your finger rubs against my lips. Slowly, you rub my slit and then your tongue touches my pussy. Moaning, I close my eyes and lean back. Your tongue circles my clit and then moves to lick me slowly. You grab my thighs in your hands, holding me still, then your tongue pushes inside me, parting my lips as you slide up and down. My pussy is dripping more and more with each movement. I can feel my orgasm building, as I beg you to make me cum, I fell my clit harden and my pussy tighten. You then slip a finger inside me just as your mouth closes over my clit and I explode in an orgasm, shaking and moaning. But you don’t stop just yet, you keep licking, sucking, drinking my juices.
After cleaning off your face, you sit back on the couch, your cock is hard again. I lean back and smile. This was exactly how Sunday night football should be. We watch the game, waiting for the next score.
I sat back, feeling my pussy tingling again; I needed to be touched again. Another couple of minutes passed. The fourth quarter was starting as Cleveland ran in for another touchdown. You push me back into the corner of the couch and open my legs, where the first time had been slow and easy, this time you are aggressive. Your mouth covers my pussy, sucking my lips into your mouth. I moan and push up, using two fingers to hold me open, you flick your tongue up and down, around and around, my pussy and my clit. Eating me with an appetite I couldn’t resist, I start moaning and thrashing around on the couch.
Your lips wrap themselves around my hard clit, sucking as you slip two fingers deep inside me. I was thrusting up to your mouth, begging for you to eat me, to lick my pussy. With your tongue was buried deep inside me, Cincinnati intercepts the ball and starts running back for a touchdown. You realize what is happening and then say, “defensive touchdown. This calls for something different.”
You stand up and flip me over, my ass in the air, my hands braced on the couch. I look over my shoulder at you and can’t believe that you are hard again. I moan and push backwards as you slide your cock into my pussy. Entering me slowly, you stretch my tight hole, filling me. I moan, gripping the couch as you make love to me. You take hold of my jersey with one hand, using it to ride me from behind. With the other hand, you reach around and slip his finger inside my pussy along side your awesome cock.

As you pound me faster and faster, you are thrusting your cock harder and harder into my pussy. We were both moaning, nearly screaming. I look over my shoulder and beg you to take me harder. So you ram your cock into my hole, filling me, telling me how tight my pussy is. I feel my orgasm build again. You keep pounding me harder and I erupt in a huge orgasm as you thrust into my pussy a few more times. You pull out and I feel your warm cream drip onto my ass. I collapse on the couch and you collapse next to me.
Once we can catch our breath, we realize that our sex fest lasted right through the end of the game and we have no idea who just won! “God bless Sunday football.”

Later on I found out that Cincinnati won…Go Bengals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigrob3172 44M

10/14/2005 8:55 pm

Being a sports fanatic, I will tell you that of the 4 blogs of yours that I read, this one is my favorite. Great job, you are an awesome writer!

sincitybrunette 55F
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10/24/2005 3:55 pm

the browns are my boyfriends team and now I have a new game to keep his interest on sundays....thanks

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