Exploration of a wondering mind - Room 593  

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8/17/2006 7:07 am
Exploration of a wondering mind - Room 593

Chris walks into the hotel lobby and collects the access card a new hotel tonight, but as always, classy, elegant and exclusive.

Its been a hectic day and its already 10pm. 1/2 and late yet he looks calm and as always, immaculate in his dressing even at this late hour.

The lift door opens at the 5th floor. Chris gets out and finds his way to 593 slots in the card and opens the door. He looks up and sees what he has been waiting for and thinking the whole day.

Dressed in a fitting stiped shirt and black pants she sits, legs crossed holding a glass of red.


'You could say that'.......

She gets up and walks around him eyeing him from his black prada shoes all the way up..they look at each other in the eye, the passion enrages both of them..She takes the last drop of red in her glass and licks her lips in content. Her hips sway seductively as she moves towards him. He reaches out and grabs her hips, pulling her close to his body.

'What took you so long?'

'Sorry, I'll make it up to you. I promise.'

'You better!' she replies.....after some fondling she takes his package in her hands cupping his balls firmly 'Ahhhhhhh'

She kneels down while taking off his belt. Unzipping his pants reveals the bulge she has been waiting for - good size and completely shaven..She kisses it and licks the precum in one slow motion. Chris reaches down and begins to unbutton her shirt revealing her purple bra. Before Chris knows it she has it all in her mouth..Its hot, its wet its nice...She takes him whole the way he likes it. 'Get up, lets move to the bed'. He picks her up fireman style and carries her to the bed.

A fine bed it is, big enough for 3. Its not their first encounter and it definately wont be their last. On the bed chris begins to undress. Tie first then shirt, revealing his toned body. Meanwhile with one flick her bra is removed reavealing her breasts. She cups them and begins to rub her nipples in a circular motion. She pinches them giving a Chris a show. She turns her back towards him and slowly takes her pants off slowly pulling down. Her pants slides down ever slowly revealing her buttocks. No underwear - her trait, his pleasure...

She gets up and moves closer to him. Back still facing she gets up and lowers her clitoris onto this penis.. She greases it with her juices and lowers just enough so that her 'lips' begin to kiss his cock head. She bobs up and down...teasing him. She looks back..'You like that?'

'Its not bad'. ' You like this?' taking his tie off the floor, Chris grabs both her writs and ties her to the bed frame.

'Feeling Kinky are we Chris?'

'You'll find out in a few minutes' Chris replies.

He doesnt waste any time and begins to head south.. Once Chris arrives at his destination he begins to work her slowly but surely. His smoothing hands circles her thighs as the takes long wet strokes. Her pussy - clean, shaven and best of all wet.....Chris begins to pick the speed up, at the same time her heartbeat begins to work overtime as she can barely open her eyes with the pleasure being experienced..

By this time Chris's face is covered in juices least to say this toungue and nose.. An eagy beaver he is he blows hot air onto her twat making her gasp for more... Then his specialty... licking her pussy making a zig-zagging motion... It drives her wild. She pulls him close crossing her legs accross the back of his head and neck, cupping his face flat against her pussy..'ummmmmmm' he grasps as he fights for air...'ohhhh Baby suck it.....S uc K It!'.

'Ding Dong'

Chris looks up at her......Did you order room service???

'No.... Its my friend dropping by'.

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