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7/7/2005 7:55 am

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the concept

How does one determine success here at AdultFriendFinder?

I have encountered quite a few people among us have yet to find what they are looking for. Specifically, they haven't found the "Love of their life." The mast head reads "" and is followed by the line "The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals site." Should you really be dissappointed when you find a cock pic waiting for you. This is not my method of operation nor my personal quandry. It is a concern of some women I have encountered. Food for though if you will.

Caveat Lector- Don't be suprised, definately be aware.

Though it is no laughing matter I tend to think this issue will not be remedied.

To the beautiful ladies within this great, societyyes you: If you can not find that adult friend who is not mature enough or want to get to know you, he or she is probably not much of an adult.

What I am slowly discovering is that you have cast a few lines til you actually get a bite.
Slowly real in the line and gradually expose it to the surface so that you get a great look at what you have caught. It could be the big one.

If not you can always toss it back. Its okay to catch and release. Give that one time to grow.

If it is what you are fishing for; size it up so that you know exactly how you want to feast on it.

This is not to blast our eager pleasure seekers but to allow you an opportunity to think about what you are getting into. Know what you like and indulge as often as possible with out throwing caution to the wind.

To all those who wish to find a festive party, lavish fruits of flesh, and overwhelming orgasms you can have that. There is no vice to hinder you. Be successful in your planning.

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