Winding on a Hot Friday Night in Exuma  

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Winding on a Hot Friday Night in Exuma

Papa Rolle had just set out his conch bar at the side of the road when the first trucks reached Georgetown. From Barreterre, Steventon and Rolleville, the construction men came from their work. Cleaned up in fresh shirts, chests shiny with sweat and bling, they sat on the sides of the pickups, drinking Kalik beers and calling to the girls. The girls were out in force to meet them; hanging out the windows of Tranny’s Hair and Nail Bar they teased the lads about the night to come. Schoolgirls had mysteriously failed to find their way home and were sitting by the road giggling and waving at the boys. The men found the liquor store and a lively trade in beer and rum was soon underway. Before long Papa Rolle was sweating in the tropical heat as he cracked his shellfish and made his salads. Business was brisk ‒ conch salad being the local aphrodisiac. However, the excitement and horniness in the air was palpable. I doubted if anybody ever needed an aphrodisiac on a Friday night on one of the out islands of the Bahamas. It was going to be a hot, hot night in Exuma.

I sat with Kate on the deck at Eddies place. We sipped our ice-colds and kicked back watching the talent. And what talent it was. For god-given, sleek sensuality, few women can compare to those of the Bahamas. Relaxed , toned and confident, they looked good and knew it. And why shouldn’t they? For they had prepared well for the big night to come. Their hair was freshly groomed or braided and their nails were polished coloured talons. They had applied that satiny make up that serves so well on darker skin. Their skin glowed and they looked gorgeous. Somehow they had managed to crowd themselves into a selection of improbably tight pants and trousers. No matter how dressed, they had all ensured that plenty of impeccable coffee coloured skin was left exposed. Strutting their stuff, wiggling their booties in their skin tight hot pants they attracted plenty of attention from the construction men.

We watched as one particularly fine girl approached down the road. Taller than the rest, with a huge shock of hair in fine braids, she strutted along on tall platform heels. Her only other adornments were a skin tight pair of hot pants accompanied by a wash board flat stomach and bikini top. She was in her early twenties, lean and toned with muscles that writhed in her pants as she walked. Her breasts were generous with a deep, honeyed cleavage and firm, large nipples that teased her clothing. Her eyes met our gaze and she challenged us with her smile

“You’re not from round here”, she said

I looked up at her and smiled. Close up she appeared even prettier, with large dark eyes illuminated by a hint of golden sparkling shadow, a narrow nose and full, moist lips shined in dark gloss. Her skin colour was lighter than average, not the full mahogany of the Haitian or Dominican workers, but the rich coffee of a belonger. She was the type of girl to grab attention.

“How can you tell?” I teased, as if the chinos and American shirt were not enough of a give away.

“Well you and your lady look mighty fine, but you ain’t got no juice” she teased “ you all dried out in the sun”

I started to raise objection but she interrupted with a raised hand “Anyway, you going The Spot later?”

“What’s The Spot?” asked Kate.

“The Spot is the Spot on Friday evening” our new friend replied “The Spot for dancing and stuff”.

Kate turned to me and smiled “Sounds good to me. How do we find it?”

“Just walk out south of town on the coast highway for a while” she answered “you’ll hear it before you see it”

The girl swayed off but turned around and shot us a smile

“See you later?” she asked. Oh yes, we thought, she definitely would. “What’s your name?” I called after her. “Bella “ came the reply as our new friend sashayed away.

We stayed at Eddies for a while drinking in the last of the setting sun as the town emptied around us. As the darkness drew in, we strolled slowly out of town guided by the light of a huge tropical moon. We were soon perspiring in the sticky heat that made Kate’s lightweight linen dress to stick to her lean body as she walked. Even in the failing light you could tell by the way the dress moved that she was wearing neither knickers or bra.

The thud of the music drew us to The Spot, a large shed backing onto the beach. Its tin roof that was vibrating to the sound of a local band as we entered. Inside the dark interior our senses were assaulted by the sounds and smell of packed humanity. The small dance floor was full of young couples winding. Winding? Well it’s a dance of a sort, but the only notably difference between winding and sex is that the men keep their trousers done up. Bella was there already, gyrating in time, grinding her pelvis into the hips of a muscular young man. The chiselled muscles on his ebony chest were gleaming with sweat and it wasn’t just from the heat. We grabbed some rum from the bar and ventured out on the dance floor. Kate got the hang of the dance straightaway and was soon winding lustily and attracting a lot of attention. The wallflowers around the edge of the dance floor could barely take their eyes off of her as her fit, young, muscular body writhed under its the thin linen dress, her pelvis grinding against mine as she leaned backwards arching her back and swung her long, dark tresses in time with the music. From time to time the heat would cause the dress to stick to her revealing even more of her luscious body.

In a pause in the music we saw Bella approach.

“Your lady dances real good” she said, “She don’t look dried out at all. She grinned at us and on her breath we could smell the sweet scent of coconut rum.

She grabbed each of our hands and led us towards the exit.“Want to take a walk on the beach with me?” she asked as she swayed onto the deck, her firm buttocks barely concealed by her skin tight pants. She kicked off her shoes and set out over the wet sand. We did the same and the warm sand and cool water felt wonderful under our feet. After a hundred yards or so, Bella turned away from the sea and led us up the beach. She found a gap in the scrub and brought us to a little clearing. On the sandy floor, somebody had placed straw beach mats and around the edges were the remnants of dozens of candles.

Bella turned to us and smiled. “I thought you might like a little privacy” she said before walking to Kate, wrapping her in her golden, muscular arms and giving her a deep. throaty kiss. I could see Kate’s body tense momentarily before she relaxed and started to eagerly kiss her back. Bella moved a hand down and raised it up between Kate’s legs. Kate gave an involuntary shiver as Bella inserted two fingers deep between her moist pussy lips.

“Oh yes” Kate groaned “That feels so good. Do it deeper”

In reply, Bella started to work her lower hand harder and, snagging the straps of Kate’s dress with her free hand, she slipped it off and let it fall to the sand. Kate wrapped her firm young body around Bella and kissed and teased her full Caribbean lips. Bella gave Kate a final, lingering kiss before she moved her head downwards to take Kate’s breasts in her luscious mouth. She teased and pulled the firm, erect nipples while her hand found Kate’s clit and started to rub it gently. Kate groaned and, for a second, appeared to slump as her body weakened under the intensity of the stimulation. Groaning, she lifted her head and gazed down at Bella teasing at her firm, young breasts. She moved her hands down and undid Bella’s bikini top, releasing her generous coffee-coloured breasts I noted the large, dark areolae and proud, firm nipples and felt my cock straining against the cloth of my chinos as I became intensely aroused. Kate pulled Bella’s head away from her chest and tugged it upwards for a deep, tongue-thrusting kiss. The girls pressed their naked upper bodies together while exchanging kisses taut with pulling tongues as their eager hands removed the last of their clothing. Kate’s hand went searching between Bella’s muscular thighs to locate the recess of her aching pussy. Her fingers gently teased the moist entrance before she slid her fingers deep inside and started to work. Bella moaned and closed her eyes and started to wind her pelvis as she had on the dance-floor. The pelvic thrusts became stronger and quicker as she breathed faster and her gorgeous skin started to slick with sweat. Her eyes opened and she looked straight over at me

“Don’t worry, sugar, you’ll get your turn when I’m finished with your lady,” she said before she sank to the ground pulling Kate on top of her. She rolled over and pinned Kate beneath her before reaching down and spreading Kate’s legs. Bella moistened her fingers in Kate’s wet slit before finding Kate’s clit and massaging it with fast, experienced strokes.

“Ever had a black girl eat your Pussy?” she asked but Kate, her body on fire from her knowing fingers could not find the breath to respond. Bella slid down Kate’s body and found Kate’s pussy with her eager tongue. Her tongue teased the wet entrance and flickered over Kate’s aching clit “Oh, Sugar,” Bella groaned, “You taste sohhhh good” With sucking lips and flickering tongue, Bella pulled and teased her pussy lips and clit until Kate could stand it no longer. She pulled Bella’s head away from her cleft and pushed her down on the matting. “Now its my turn”, Kate said.

Bella opened her legs slowly to display a fine dark triangle of hair below which were the plump and puffy outer lips of a young girl. Her inner lips were generous and folded and of a much blacker colour then the rest of her skin. Bella moved her hands between her thighs, her fingers finding and spreading her pussy lips, to show the rosy, shocking pink within. Kate watched transfixed as Bella displayed herself and, with shaking hands, reached over to find her pussy. She entered Bella with two fingers, then three and was soon fist-fucking her hard with four fingers. From time to time she went down on Bella’s pussy to lick and tease at her clit. The heavy scent of sex was beginning to perfume the tropical night and Kate buried her face in Bella’s soaking cunt to declare that she had never smelt anything so good. The musky aromas from both their wet cunts was filling my nostrils and I could stand it no longer. I yanked out my cock and started to wank as my gorgeous wife ate out the Caribbean beauties pussy. Kate’s fingers found the black girl’s clit again and she started to massage it with light, urgent strokes. Kate swung herself round and lowered her cunt onto Bella’s eager mouth. Soon Kate started to breathe heavily and writhed as she came close to coming. Bella pulled her fingers from Kate’s soaking fanny and thrust them into Kate’s mouth. “Taste good?” she asked, before returning them to Kate’s aching cunt. With one hand she thrust and bullied at Kate’s yielding cunt while with the other she nimbly flicked her clit until Kate rose up to a crashing climax.

“Ohhhh shitttt!” exclaimed Kate as she collapsed on top of the Caribbean girl. Bella grinned in satisfaction and toyed with her pussy idly as she waited for my wife to recover and move. Kate rolled off and sat looked at Bella in a bemused fashion. The dark girl sat up and batted my hand away from my prick and grabbed it for herself. “Hey boy, don’t you go wasting any of that juice of yours”. She leaned over and her eyes looked directly into mine as she took my cock deeply between her full and gorgeous lips. Her generous lips gripped the shaft of my cock firmly as her head bobbed rhythmically and her long braids swayed. After several long strokes, she took my cock from her mouth to tease the end opening with a wicked tongue. Kate was looking on and was clearly becoming aroused again. She came and knelt beside Bella. “My turn” she said before drawing my aching member deep into her mouth. As she dipped and sucked Bella knelt beside her and took my balls in her mouth while her fingers found Kate again. I let the girls pleasure me in turn, pushing them away when I felt I was going to cum and then letting the other girl suck. However, at last I could stand it no longer and, pushing Kate onto her back and, I raised her legs in the air, and penetrated her deeply. As I thrust firmly into Kate’s warm cunt, she tensed her vaginal muscles, grabbing my prick in a firm embrace. Not to be left out, Bella moved around behind Kate and nuzzled and kissed at her neck and fondled her eager breasts as I fucked her from the front. As I thrust hard into Kate, Bella’s fingers again found her clit and her hands moved in expert strokes. Kate and I were soon moving to an urgent rhythm as she quickly built to climax again. As her back rose in ecstasy , I felt pressure on the underside of my prick as Bella inserted two fingers in Kate’s arse goading her to orgasm. Seconds later, I felt strong fingers grab the base of my throbbing cock a split second before I would have come. “Don’t you dare come just yet” Bella scolded, “you british boys need all your juice”. Still holding my cock in a firm grip she pulled it out from my wife’s dripping fanny. Kate lay as if comatose and I groaned as Bella leaned over me. Her head dropped as she searched out my lips with her own. I reached up and pulled her head to me, my fingers tangling in her braids. My hands found her golden breasts and I stroked and teased her nipples. When some of the pressure had declined in my aching groin I pulled Bella’s hand away from my prick. Bella looked down at me lying on my back with my erect prick pointing skywards and straddled me. Slowly she lowered herself onto my aching knob until it had disappeared into her hot cleft. I felt firm muscles grip the shaft as she leaned backwards and started to thrust her pelvis forward and back. Faster and faster she rode me, my cock bending with the pressure until I though it might break. Her fingers found her clit and she started to flick it in urgent time with her pelvic thrusts. Her breathing came faster and faster as she neared her climax. Kate joined us and kissed me with cunt scented kisses as our new friend rode me ruthlessly to her climax. As her back arched further and as she gasped in final ectasy, I pulled my cock from Bella’s throbbing and let myself go. Thick, long spurts of hot come covered Bella’s belly and Kate’s tits. Kate grabbed my throbbing cock with lips eager to catch the last drops of cum. “Now its my turn again” she said.

I forget how many times we came that night, but at last our satiated bodies needed rest. Bella left us, after kissing us both tenderly, as the music wound up in the early hours of the morning. We stayed longer in the little love den, cuddling as the day began to break, before picking our way homewards along the beach, hand in hand in the Caribbean dawn. It had been a hot, hot night in Exuma.

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