Turning 30 on April 30th bring it.  

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5/2/2006 2:49 pm

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Turning 30 on April 30th bring it.

My little sister who is 17 now say's "Gah your old" Ha! She has been saying that for four years "your almost 30 your getting old". Well I don't feel old and since the last week I have seen some of the best looking women on this site and most have been older than me. In my hotlist only 2 are younger.... maybe I'm maturing...OR.. I'm starting to like women who know what they want I'm not sure but I know I have an unexplainable attraction to older women. Maybe it is the fact that they actually take the time to write what they are feeling or wanting in a man...in their fucking profile. What a novel idea. Anyway I get ID'd in stores (I know the laws changed just let me enjoy it) alot...when I shave, which I don't unless I am meeting females.

I finally have a good job, with good potential for 50 to 60, that is good in Oklahoma I graduate from college in 2 weeks BA only but so what, I did it. I'm 30 and I feel great and look pretty good for my age. I resient the women who put age limits on their profile that exclude my age. The hottest body I've seen thus far on the site belonged to a woman of 48 years I could care less how old she is if she said go down I'd say just pull me up when I'm done.

I think all women are beautiful just put your picture up. Some of the most beautiful women are large now thats not my flavor but I have a friend who loves big huge women so your really missing out, give yourself a chance.

I have also noticed that more older women are gold members as well and their are some amazing women in Texas, Holy Shnikies, I'll be their for sure during OU vs TEXAS so hook a brother up ladies with a place to stay.

Sorry I'm all over the place I think (ADD) with this post. It is my first. Ladies I'm waiting to meet you don't worry I'll find ya! I know it is hard to make the first move. If you help I'll find you sooner.

When the pictures done right you look good I don't really look that good, but close, good lighting makes all the difference. Oh by the way I am a horrible speller sorry. Oh cool a spell checker at the bottom I just noticed. Click...cool.

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