Something different  

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11/23/2005 3:51 pm

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Something different

I have not posted for a long time.
Actually having sex daily and with my existing set of colleagues is definitely fun,always. But, had I been writing them, it would have been repititive. So I was waiting for a fascinating twist and I had it.
So, I sat again, blogging...

Thanks to Passion, I had adventure with three of the members of Passion. They were all from outstation and contacted me to spend time. Lot of things to tell, may be tomorrow.

Today I am going to write the raunchy account of the last saturday.

I had always been dreamt of being fucked bottomless, tied up. Well, last saturday Anand came up with the idea.

We gathered at Anand's place Friday night itself and had sex that night. Slept late, all of us.

So, the 'something different' event started in the late saturday morning, about 10.

I was spread-eagled in such a way that whatever they do to me, I had no way to resist.

The first thing they did is to unbush me, again.
They knew I cannot do anything but scream, so before they shave my bush, Sudip got an handful and pulled it with all his might. I screamed as loudly as I could, but as Anand was sitting on my face, the sound rolled inside my mouth.

Shaving is tickling, you know! So a lot of helpless quvering and giggling followed.

Then was their pissing time.
But I get very cross at pissing inside me or using alcohol on me. So they promised of not doing those to me.

But before pissing, they wanted blowjob. So, I obliged.

It was very hard. You are tied up. A guy is biting your nipples and another is fingering you hard. And the third one, with a big dick, is ramming your mouth.
Although, I was in ecstasy, tears were oozing out of my eyes.

After they were back from the piss, they started to ride me, one after another.

It was neverending, Anand fucked me twice, Sandeep fucked me three times and Sudip fucked me once and again came inside my mouth.

No condoms and all the semen went deep inside my cunt.

By 2:00 'o clock, we were bloody hungry. Anand noticed my pussy was bleeding too. His cock was red and the loin-cloth was stained with blood.

Although I was in intense pain, I rejoiced. I waited for this limitless mindblowing sex for long.

After we had our lunch, I was back in my positioned. But this time I played cautious with my pussy and asked them to go for my anus.
So I was tied up, lieing on my chest.

Anand and Sudip used a lot of vaseline and Sudip went in first.

Then Anand, then...I lost track.
I probably fainted, because when I woke up, it was evening and eerybody were sleeping.

I was still tied up.

I wanted to get realesed, finally.

A soft scream moved Sandeep and he came to my rescue.

Once released I clasped his naked body and went back to sleep again.

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