Raju - A New Find in the disco..  

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Raju - A New Find in the disco..

Some moments:
Last weekend I met Raju. A fanatic in the disco. Who cupped my bum to start a discussion with me.
Although it started with disgust, he managed to cool me down then and there by jamming my lips with a very hard and rude kiss in the dark disco platform.
I knew, I need this person inside me. Deep inside.

A lot of things happened between him and me, walking, talking, eating, cafe coffee day, blah, blah, blah..

Then we end up together in our bedroom. He simply said,
"I cannot wait to plunge inside you, Zeenat!!"

So, Raju and I are on the couch, kissing. Under my white shirt, I am wearing a white bra and denim. Raju peels the shirt off and eyeballs my breasts. He attacks them, reaching his hands under the shirt to pinch and squeeze my nipples. He takes my breasts in his mouth and suckles them, making the nipples grow. It was hot.

I got overwhelmed and both of us very quickly shed our trousers.
He pulls me toward him and begins to hit me, slapping my cunt. The way he does it feels so good.

"Turn around and let me see your ass, Zeenat!" he orders.
As I did so, he puts his fingers into my wet cunt. Ummm, the foreplay made it so hot and juicy that encouraged him to shove his hand inside me.

God, it was so painful. I screamed but did not want him to stop.
He was pushing hard against me. I lean over the coach. I moaned. I screamed.

I came hard, his hand inside me and bow my head.
"Thank you."

After such pleasure I wanted to return the favour. We went to the bedroom and I gave him a massage.
First the feet, then hands, the legs, the back, the arms, the stomach and back. Finally, the backside.
This of course leads to touching his cock. In my hand, it stiffened and grew, becoming thick and hard.
"May I?"
I bend over and took his cock in my hand and rubbing my fingers up and down the shaft as I licked and tongued his balls. Raju moaned.

I took his cock into my mouth, holding my fingers down against the bottom of the shaft as I take all of him into my wet and hungry mouth.
I sucked and licked; he feels so responsive I know my pussy is getting wet again from the pleasure of sucking him.

Raju pumped against me and shaft goes deep into the back of my throat. I gaged a little but then relax, and have him inside my mouth.

"Come up and fuck me Zeenat " he says, so I move onto him, my legs straddling him so I half squat on the bed, his cock inside me, my head thrown back.

Raju grabbed both my breasts. He pulls and squeezes on the nipples, and just as he knew I would, my pussy clamps down tight around his cock.

"You are so wet Zeenat" he says, and then he is moaning, coming and coming, and I am moaning because I came too, pushed over the edge by the intensity of his orgasm (and loving it).
We smile at one another, a little surprised, I think, that we have managed vaginal sex so successfully, but glowing with how good it was.

We fucked tuesday again, along with Sudip. He took the photographs..

Friday night I am going to go to his place and stay over.
I have no idea what we will do tomorrow, but I am looking forward to it already.
I am spending the night.
The best way a woman can enjoy sex is by doing whatever her partner likes. Atleast, I like being submissive(Ofcourse, not to the extent that guys pissing in my stomach!!!).

Time to show how my pussy and ass, my breasts, mouth, hands and feet all belong to him, to be under his control and used for his pleasure.

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to get tied up and fucked on and on and on and...

9inchBARA 38M

1/11/2011 8:04 pm

WOW wondeful sex story....wish if i could have ur pusy too.

rm_gopal1507 38M
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2/8/2011 10:15 pm

lovely experience.hope to meet u soon.

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