Still just a bit confused  

rm_zbald14u 55M
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7/18/2006 9:13 pm
Still just a bit confused

Since I started this blog, oh, yesterday, things are beginning to look up. However, I am still a little confused about how to approach women on this site.

I am far from arrogant, therefore, I do not want to come across as arrogant. I am not into the rude "Hey baby, wanna get jiggy?" kind of approach because I think it's rude and obnoxious. But, I don't want to approach with them thinking that I fell in love just over their profile either. So, I feel as though I take more of a balanced approach, but I get very few responses.

Maybe I should just be more patient, but I have sent messages to quite a few who have not responded even with a "no thank you." I personally find that to be rude. But, I hate to be judgmental, so maybe there is some other logical explanation.

There are a couple that I have had some very good conversations with. With the exception of one that I do still correspond with, the rest completely ignore me. I had a great conversation with two particular ones, one of which approached me, and after that, nothing. I send messages wishing them a good day, and I get nothing in return. I sent one a few messages after a great conversation and nothing. The other, her and I got along really well. I sent her a message that I was bummed that I haven't heard back from her, and still nothing. I just do not get it. It's not like I was rude, or obnoxious. We had just a good friendly conversation. But then, nada.

Oh well. Apparently it was for the best. But, I am still just a bit confused.

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