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10/27/2005 8:59 pm

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I don't mean sneaky, like under a window, but overheard around a circle of fellow nic addicts, so it's fair game to start with.
A guy is talking about Everquest, and how he'd used all his kids as characters, so he set up a female character based on his wife. Wham!!! Tons of chat requests, offers of magic items and completed quests, and even some other offers. He left for a while with the game on, AFK in chattese I guess, and came back to piles of items and stuff. He had never had anyone do anything for the male characters.
Having read some other comments by other male AFFs, and checking webcam numbers(men 432, women 29, at the moment), I can't help but draw a few parallel lines, and even a conclusion or two. Ladies, welcome to the smorg, even if everything on the table isn't your taste. Gentlemen, good luck, it's a long swim.

Watch this space for movie reviews.

If you want a movie that will really play with your brain, try Primer. A group of brilliant students playing with electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields build a box with some very odd properties. A clock placed inside displays a much later time than the clocks outside. Two of them find a way to exploit their discovery, but with very different goals.

Definitely a cerebral movie, and you may have to watch a couple times to really catch some things, but if you want recommendations for top 40s, they're everywhere.

Hoopy Halloween, or Samhain, or whatever, and remember that zombie movies are good any day of the year.


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