Welcom My Sexy Love  

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9/6/2006 4:56 am
Welcom My Sexy Love

Can we separate love far away from from sex.?
Can we survive without love ................?
Can we live with sex and for sex onely .....?
What is better love or sex .................?
What must be found first love or sex .......?

As an avid man I concider my task and performace in bed to be a labor of love and reaction rather than satisfaction of passion. love gives sex-appeal an unending cource of energy and creat a need to last.
People those perfer casualsex are looking for satisfy their desires and passions. Thy aren` looking for pace and joy, but just onely pleasure.

In the otherhand, in this days when work activitis tend to take too mutch time, there`s no enough time to renew love between maried poeple. Each of them come back with his job`s troubles and never therow them away.
He or She cosider sex as a duty or a debt. Thy hadn`t been -at all - accomplished a real true love which can enable them to go streemline tife problems and its buredom.

Ago I read a book by Annis Mansour , its title was ( Colors of love).
Annis said that love is the resulting reward of acions or duties we provide with each other.
For example ;
- A patient loves his nurse because of her care and because she gives him the hope to live.
- A sun loves his parents becasue of their maintenance and doing their best to rise him.
- A student loves his teacher because of his kindiness and ehat he gives him from knowledggs.
- A man loves a woman because of her charm and satisfaction of his wantes.

My own conclusion was that the relationship between a man and a woman has trie angles shap.
1- Friendship 2- sex 3- love

1- Friendship = love - sex
2- sex = friendship - love
3- love = friendship + sex

All of you are welcom as friends. But onely one
I`ll welcom her as my sexy love.
Nicodiana at example dot com.

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