i got it where it counts  

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1/16/2006 2:36 pm

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i got it where it counts

ok so the other night i was just chillin at my place when i got this text message from a number i didnt recognize. It said that the person who sent it to me had found out from numerous sources that i am "quite large in spots". At first i thought that this was one of my buddies trying to fuck around with me but it wasnt at all. I come to find out that at my old highschool a rumor about how large i am is going around.

now i grew up my whole life thinking that i wasnt special at all, and then came middle school. you see when me and my buddies were walking home after school one day and we saw an ant hill so i decided to piss the ants off by thouroughly pissing on them. Well i go to whip it out and i swear immediatly all of my buddies jaws dropped. i thought that they had seen a cop, they had such a suprised look on their faces i was about to run while pissing all over myself. Anyway they let out a holy shit to which i replied what? they had instantly pointed out to me that i had a huge dick and ever since that day i have had alot more confidence. my buddies told me that i was pretty much blessed by god and that i must have done alot of good deeds in a past life or something then the dumb questions came out for example what do you eat to which i replied pizza the dumb fuckers directly after our walk home went and ate as much pizza as they could lol.

Oh shit i went off track anyway i replied to that message saying that it was true and do you wanna see it, to which i recieved another saying "see it, i wanna touch it. Then i find out it was a girl that i had a thing for back in highschool. well to sum it up i took her on a ride that she will probably never forget which lasted for about an hour and a half. And after she had left limping to her car w/ her friend she sent me one last message saying that she was thouroughly impressed and it was amazing in her book.
so c'mon ladies get a hold of me
oh and just to clarify in inches 8 long, 6 around

ciao ciao

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