rm_yumafuncpl 58M
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1/3/2006 8:53 pm

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12/1/2007 4:57 am


Okay, first entry in a blog I didn't know I had. Tonight I decided to look for other people in my area who like to hang out AND hook up, but, of course, those are elusive around here. It seems a lot of people are afraid that others might recognize them. Well I gotta say, I actually have fun when I spot someone at the grocery store and I picture them with their lips and eyes blotted out and think "maybe thats so-and-so on the AdultFriendFinder site..."
We put our faces up because we think it's more important to see faces than genitalia. Besides, it's hard to spot people in the grocery store when all you've seen in their dick.
I am hoping to someday see someone I know from here and have a spontaneous fuck session, rather than the carefully planned meeting-first-then-fucking-later ritual (not that that's not a good way to do it, but still...)
Everyone has fantasies.

nikkibaby47 64M/59F

1/14/2006 3:46 pm

hi you never came back when we contracted you nic and bob

rm_einoel 43M
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1/18/2006 3:30 am

Hi, I was on AdultFriendFinder years ago when I lived in San Diego and it was fun, because there was a real chance that you wouldn't see/run into the people that you "played" with when you didn't want to play with them. Then I came here, not only was it a sausage fest, but there stood a real chance that we/I could run into someone that may be the next bank teller or doctor that I see. Because of that I stopped visiting the site and mingling altogether. I guess, myself and others would just like to keep our private lives private. I totally understand your point of view and agree with what your saying and I too find just genitalia shoots snnoying. Feel free to drop me a line, we could pick each other minds on other topics of interest.

rm_yumafuncpl 58M
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1/22/2006 11:10 pm

ok, so now that you know I am not your bank teller can I see who I am email chatting with? you could email me your yaho o im and I will say hi next time I am on... D (be sure to send it to my email though not a post on here

rm_einoel 43M
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2/5/2006 1:12 am

OK, but I don't know your email addy. I'm just a standard member so I can't even see your profile. How do you propose we accomplish this feat without giving the whole world our addys?

rm_hot4u8911 40M
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10/16/2007 9:01 pm

hey whats up hit me back some time guys or write to hope to heard from you guys

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