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11/8/2005 5:51 am

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are women aware of how others see them, when in public? when she dresses for the day, does she think about how this will effect people around her? does she notice when men(or women) go out of their way to catch another glimpse? does she let on that she knows that people are "checking her out"?

i try not to be obvious, but should i try, or should i not worry? when is it appropriate to stare, ogle, or leer? should i just take an appreciative look, then go about my business? will a lady be miffed if i don't look at her longer, when she is dressed in a certain way?

are you self-aware?

nightstalker172 36M
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11/8/2005 8:54 am

Here is my take on it. Women dress that way to turn heads and get attention because it boosts their confidence, but also its a test. She wants to see which guys have the will to pay attention to whats shes saying verses what she looks like. So what you have to do the next time you see a hot lady go for little quick glances like a peeking ninja if you will but if shes talking to you keep your forcus on them gorgeous eyes of her or at least her face when shes turned away take in that beautiful body and keep a mental picture to keep framed in your mind ....

That reminds me I actually did have a simlar run in at the store yesterday. They have a new cashier OMG shes cute. she had a v-neck on. Ill tell you I was checking out that make matters worse she kept bending over because she was dropping the bages that she was trying to reload the bag thing whatever its called bag rack or whatever. But Im sitting her in sweat pants too and Im like god....please dont let me get a hard on right now. But when she spoke to me I kept my eyes focused on her and oh did she have prettiest blue eyes....and she had the nicest rear too...I checked that out while I was waiting in line but like I say short quick ninja style glances.

Now a lady being miffed for not checking her thats like the best way to get thier attention they wonder about you. They might think your gay too but they will still wonder. and that wonder can get you a date When you first meet someone I try not to compliment them on their looks because I think it makes you seem like a horn dog. But it also depends on the setting. like in a store ro something then I refrain. but in a singles bar I will say one or two things but I dont want to over do it. I try to save the compliments for the dates . You have to moderate yourself. If you compliment too much you come off as a suck up and we all know what happens to ass kissers right? but on a date if you dont compliment her THEN she will be miffed because alot of women do alot to get ready for a date and if you dont notice well...she'll think you are an unappreciative jerk.

One more thing its NEVER appropriate to stare....unless no one can catch you

bella_ 47F
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11/10/2005 6:23 pm

Women are very aware..I am very aware...and I dont mind glances or glimpses, ogles or stares. I think it is part of being of a woman.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/13/2005 12:50 pm

hehe Of course we do

silly billy

We dress to drive you mad with desire..

To arouse you

silky xx

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