Emptiness that time creates  

rm_young_turk80 36M
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7/30/2006 11:55 am
Emptiness that time creates


Since I came to Germany, this was the first weekend I didn't get out of Wertheim. I didn't even get out of my house.

Before moving here, I thought that I would visit Heidelberg every single weekend. During my 3 years there, I made a lot of friends. Being a small school, I was friends with everyone there. But alas, 10 months away was enough for most of them to forget my existence. I keep wondering why this is so...

This is not the first time. I have lived abroad most of my life, changed 3 schools, and 2 universities my whole life. Each and everytime, after my move, I lost contact with all the people I called friends. I've always hear the saying; "Old friends are silver, new friends are gold". I think it should have said; "New or old, all friendships are doomed to parish."

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