Looks like rain today..... THAT'S REAL GOOD!  

rm_youbetcha74 44M
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4/25/2006 4:56 am
Looks like rain today..... THAT'S REAL GOOD!

Well, I can not argue that during the spring we need our rain. I just hope it clears up enough for me to catch up on my mowing later today. Because it is too early in the morning, I can put it off for now!

I used to mow part time for extra money. It was easy work for the most part and the extra money came in handy. I won't have time for it this year though with so much overtime at my regular job. Probably couldn't make as much money now with gas prices out the roof! It amazes me that with any bad news on TV the pump prices begin climbing immediately. However the reverse doesn't seem to happen. IF and WHEN (emphasis there) the price begins to come down, it never seems to return to previous prices and long after the bad news is debunked or crisis has passed on by.

Perhaps "big oil companies" (Shell, BR, Exxon/mobile) are not to blame. Maybe our local gas stations are to blame. My understanding is that the price mark-up from the major oil companies is in line with that of other consumer goods, but volume drives up the record profits. They also indicate they have no fear of a government investigation. Investigations into their pricing ethics in the past have found no evidence of gouging in the past. What about the gas station owners? I am not aware of how often they are investigated or if ever.

Soooooooooo.... are we to blame? Yeah, in all likely hood we are. I, for one, drive a tremendous amount just going back and forth to work. There is no end to that for me. I like where I live and the desire to live out away from the city out weighs the current price for a tank of gasoline. I have what used to be considered a moderately economical automobile that gets a shade over 25 miles to the gallon. It looks like it maybe time for another even more economical car. Maybe one of those old Geo Metros. I am sure at 6'5" and 230 pounds, I will fit nicely tucked into the driver's seat. It is appealing though to save that much on gas. They get close to 50mpg.

What about you? Are you doing anything to save on gas?

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