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I was in third grade; I suppose I was 7 years old at
the time.
I was taking a leak in the bathroom one morning while
my Dad was shaving.
He wondered what took me so long to empty my bladder.

The next thing I know is that I was in a Doctor’s
office peeing for a Nurse who watched me…hmmm.
It was decided I needed surgery to correct the flow.
I was soon to learn that a small incision was to be
made on the head of my penis, enlarging the opening
for easier urine flow. OUCH!
Well, back then you stayed the night in the hospital.
I was home the next day and very sore. Three stitches
were left and peeing was painful! After a few days of
healing I had to get therapy.
I was in a pair of baggy underwear with a kotex pad
inserted to cushion my tender tip. My mom got on the
bed with me and had me sit up with my back to the
headboard and legs spread wide. She pulled down the
undies and pushed a stainless steel rod about the
diameter of a pencil up into my penis. The rod was
warm and lubricated and she slid it up about an inch
or two. She repeated this about a dozen times and did
it twice a day for a week. It began to feel good and
was stimulating me to a point where I got an erection
every session. I had no idea why at the time…but I
‘ll never forget all that. I do not recall how my Mom
felt about it, but I was “cured” in no time.
Although this isn’t exactly a sex story it was my
first recollection of stimulation awareness.

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