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3/26/2006 3:34 pm

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Things I like to write


There is a window to my soul which not too many see
I think they look for material things, not what's really me

So take my hand and look to my eyes so deep
Inside you'll find the passions that I keep

There's happiness kindness understanding and peace
Admiration and romance that you inspire me to release

Inside there's a feeling so loving and sweet
Along side thoughts of you that make me complete

To share the wonders of this life with you
There's nothing more I'd like to do

To have and to hold to cherish and to share
The delight in my heart to know you are there

Each day I can feel it grow
All inside me I want you to know
My hopes my dreams my trust and my fear
all are things I want you to hear

You touch me in a way I have not known before
There is so much of you that I adore
Your words your beauty the person inside
These feelings for you I cannot hide

So take my hand and hold on tight
For the time may come when it feels just right
So take a look there is no toll
Into the window to my soul
If you've ever listened to Natalie Cole "Unforgetable" this will make more sense.

The very thought of you made me want to call. It reminded me of going down route 66 in a dream. I saw a paper moon and a picture of Mona Lisa. I love that picture. But then I thought a while, "she doesn't have a smile". I always wondered if she lived a lush life. That Sunday, that summer under the orange colored shy, I guess for some sentimental reasons I tried to tenderly reach out for the one next to me but there was no one there.
Beneath the stars in the heat of the night
To be with the woman who feels so right
To nibble and tease at the base of her neck
To feel her touch and not just for a sec

Exposing her breasts in the light of the moon
To heat and excite her to the base of her womb
Her body is passion her lips like fire
As they dance across my body entire

Exploring her body and mind alike
Finding the all the places of her wild delight
To heighten and slow at the pace of her breath
Releasing the creature of her astonishing depth

Driving each other to the height of excite
The hardness and wetness is such a delight
But not yet so fast in the heat of the night
To build and to hold the pleasure in sight

When what to my wonder I can stand no more
To taste her and lick her to which I adore
As she cums and she quivers on the base of my tongue
The heat and the passion have only begun

Oh to be with the one so right
Beneath the stars in the heat of the night
Her presence captures all as she enters the room
I continue to glance from the corner I loom
Her eyes so precious as they dart to and fro
Looking ans seeking the intensities grow

Our glances cross with a passionate bliss
They meet and the hold with a sensual kiss
I know what she's thinking as she floats cross the room
To be so immersed in my pleasurable doom

I take her I hold her by the small of her back
She's my desire she knows as a fact
Our lips as they meet with the heat so intense
I feel her want her need and intent

Not a word is yet spoken for there is no need
The look in our eyes is always a plead
To feel and pleasure to the final degree
To take her to have her as she will in me

As I carry her off in my arms so strong
I whisper her mind my desires prolong
She throws back her head her mind so embraced
Her mind is my captive no acts to erase

Releasing her fury and the creature within
I match her intensity and act on a whim
A passion so great to which we create
To end would be madness there is no debate

The beginning is glory let's keep it alive
To explore and discover the passion within
Oh to have a young one
So much joy and clamour
To bring forth live
To hold and to nurture

In the growing comes the self
Full of wants and desires
To please them all
Would surly tire

The actions and words
Seem that of the devil
The learning and sweetness
That of an angel

And though we wonder
Of what's in store
The love will strenghten
Forever more
A hundred times over must they had the chance
To discover Oh what beauty

You know their faces their names and their souls
But to mine the mystery holds

What of it, I hope you to wonder
Is it life like no other
As in your dreams the perfect lover

Or is it life like the others
Only half filled
Of thoughts of another

The judge be the heart the jury the soul
The defence is mine
A strong case I hold

Oh may the jury still be out
For life with seemingly perfect
Is my intention no doubt
Joy is a state of unparrelled feeling
It make life really worth living

The ups and the downs we endure each day
Are helped along by the joy we display

Many a time we may feel let down
But the joy that we have will erase the frown

Joy is a feeling that must be kept
Or from us our happiness will be swept

Keep smiling!
Again and again I try to reach you through the lines in the sky
I hear a voice so enchanting and sweet, it's only a a message by the one I seek

There may be many reasons I know not of why this is to be
The timing, disinterest, other business to attest of which may or may not be

A patient man I am I hear no words of of disinterest or dismay
My heart says persist unless I hear the words or util the wonder becomes too big to keep

There are many things of you I know not nor you of I
Discovery of another is both joyful and fun as if in just friends or in lovers
One must be left to make their choice
Favorable or not one must respect

I wish you well in your daily quests
With health and happiness around each rough edge and corner
I wish for you the spice of life by the shipfull
But don't leave me hanging it is just disrespectfull

Just some things I like to write. All my own too, not copied from somewhere.

angelofmercy5 58F
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3/26/2006 5:51 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

VelvetVise 51F

4/12/2006 9:39 pm

Excellent poems X!! Keep 'em cumming!!
: )~

AlMich2004A 55M/57F

4/20/2006 11:35 pm

Awesome writing....enjoyed them very's nice to see a man can reach that deep within and pull out such beauty. I also write, I enjoy reading others writings also! Thank you so much for sharing!


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