Sooo...I got high...  

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10/23/2005 6:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sooo...I got high...

I'll spell/grammar check this thing later...

After I got offline talking with bistra, I went up to my room and got my marijuanna and my money (incase any cops needed to be paid off) I walked to the gas station and purchased a lighter and tin foil. I already had my waterbottle and pen. so then I walked around campus a little bit and found some bushes which were nice and concealed. I got as far back in them as I could and began construction of the bong. I was an idiot and poked a hole in the bottom before I loaded my weed and before I even MADE the bowl. So I had to hold the hole the entire time so that water wouldn't come out. I made a kickass bowl, that fits extremely well into the hole of the cap, and that holds the perfect amount of weed. It was so good that I kept it to re-use next time. I got the bowl loaded and lit it and the bottle was FILLED with thick smoke. I sucked it all and then remembered I had to be quiet, but too late I started coughing like the bitch I am. Oh well. I could tell it was a good hit but I didn't know how good yet, so I left my supplies in the bushes and took the waterbottle back to the dorm to refill it with water for the 2nd time. When the bottle was half way full I figured out just how good the hit was. I was high, I could tell I was high because everything was kinda fuzzy and I started talking to myself about how high I already was and that I probably shouldn't take more hits, but then joked to myself that I was going to anyway because I couldn't stop half way through, even though really the bottle wasn't even full of water yet. I proceeded to get higher as I went back to my plot of land used for illegalness. I was already blazed off one hit, but I packed another and stoked a 2nd time. 2nd hit was just as huge as the first one. I was very VERY proud of myself in my high state that I was as succesful as I was and that I didn't even cough the 2nd time. Then I had to figure out what I wanted to do. I was beyond just chill and listen to music and go to sleep high. I was like need to do something fun high. So I went to the computer lab and got online. I think i sat staring at the load up sscreen for about 2 minutes imagining it doing weird stuff. I got on AIM, but that was kinda boring. I talked to tom and I imagined him talking like over loud noises to talk to me, and I could tell he was talking simpler cause he knew I was high. I made a xanga post and it's crazy, it makes no sense. I could explain it but don't really feel like it. All i'm going to say is that I'm a certified genius. can you blame me? I walked to dominos and ordered a pizza. It was so hot that I burnt my mouth. LITERALLY BURNT. I didn't figure this out til the next day when the roof of my mouth had strings hanging off of it of burnt mouth flesh. I knew it was hot, but not how hot. I walked back to friley with my pizza in hand, got into my room and ate more and listened to music. then I went to bed listening to music. I woke up to find 3/4 of the pizza eaten. I really dont remember eating that much. It was a large, pepperoni AND sausage. That is my night of getting high, the next one can't come soon enough.

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