round and round the merry go round...  

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10/25/2005 8:51 pm

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round and round the merry go round...

So things seem in life to go in nice even stretches followed by cataclysmic events. the rhyme and reason is not always ether a rhyme or a reason and in fact seems to often be a lead up to something worse. As I wonder what the next round of disasters in my life are, I put on the glad face and hide behind the socially acceptable masks, mouthing the polite phrases, when inside I cry and die... is this the reality what is the world that makes this, why do we as humans put each other through these levels of torture?

music: Teasrs for Fears -The Hurting - Memories Fade
movie: Donnie Darko
art: Eye by M.C. Escher

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