A little overdramatic.  

rm_xsaturnine 30F
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7/19/2006 6:07 pm
A little overdramatic.

I'm not emotionless, in fact I
broke my wrist
when I wrote the list of all those I miss

- - from 'hopeless' - - sage francis

A bloody nose, a dirty glass, a hit and run-on sentence.
Words like ‘lung’ and words like ‘covered’ and words like ‘throw’ and ‘burst’ and ‘fuck.’ You talk about revolution so I unbutton my shirt, so I break your jaw, so I say, “Honey, the world spins on its axis and records spin under a needle and wheels take love away from love, what more do you want?”

A rusty tap, a broken fence, a just-off-key piano.
Traps like home and traps like him and traps like locks and keys and distance. Magnetic north is an unstable thing, and I rush from room to room with magnets and compasses and maps. I don’t know if the oceans are getting wider or seeping under my back door, or how biology can all be cycles and re-cycled tricks and still as distant to me as a pocket full of foreign currency: a worth I know is there but can not grasp.

This is the weight of it, the length of it, the depth of it.
This is a leaking roof, a top-floor fire, a bell that sounds and ceases.

Today I paced the floor and chewed my nails and cleaned blood off of my chin in the kitchen sink. I broke a bottle, I wrote a poem, I woke at five a.m.
Today I remembered touch and the pain of it was one of Butson's Heavy Things, was dulled by Bukowski saying "Kindness is just about the best you can do", by believing in the memory and the pain in equal measures.

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