in my room (what i would do with my ex if we were still together)  

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7/23/2005 5:22 pm

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in my room (what i would do with my ex if we were still together)

i would put on a cd of songs that we have done it to in the past
1. in my room/beach boys
2. when you smile/the flaming lips
3. all i need/air
4. digital love/daft punk
5. wait(the secret stars)/deathcab for cutie
6. coffee and tv/blur
7. don't worry baby/the beach boys
8. the good that won't come out/rilo kiley
9. i just threw out the love of my dreams/weezer
10. red & blue jeans/the promise ring
11. indian summer/pedro the lion
12. venus/air
13. chuming the ocean/archers of loaf
14. vampiring again/califone
15. kill an hour/vermont
16. nude beach. pin hole camrea/pele
17. lullaby/the cure
18. that great should love/the ravenettes
19. our way to fall/yo la tango
20. saddest vacant lot in all of the world/granddaddy
21. everything in its right place/radiohead
22. middle of the day/the polyphonic spree
23. tatyana/archers of loaf
24. sexy boy/air
25. breathe/telepopmusik
26. south carolina/archers of loaf

and start to kiss her tell how much i love her and want her around i would stand up and turn off the lights and put the christmas lights on and have her lie down on the bed as i start to take of her shoes off and massage her feet slowly and work my way up to her back and slowly start my way to her hands and kiss her some more and tell her i miss her then i would take her shirt off and massage her back some more and her neck i would kiss every now and then and tell i love you and ask her if it ok if she takes her pants off with her being topless and pantless i would massage her ass and her lower back and slowly start to finger her and kiss her i would ask her to role over and lay still for a minute as i go and get some ice i ask her to take her panties off as i take the ice cube and start with her lips then to her around her breast then her nipple i would kiss everywhere the ice has gone with the ice cube malting faster i would make my way around to her naval and her pussy and begin to eat her more out with the melted ice in my mouth until she cums then i would go ahead and take my clothes off and lie down spooning her i would whisper in her ear so she gets that chill from someone to close to you and tell her she is the most amazing i have ever been with hold her and touch her and kiss her then i would start rubbing agaist her and start to roll around and touching each other until it was almost too much to handle and then i would go inside and girate around while kissing her and groping her ass i would side one finger slowly down the middle of her ass until i reach her and slowly massage and go inside and then i would pull out and kiss her some more then i would roll her over unto her stomach and massage her ass some more before i start to go inside after i'm inside her i would take my hand and finger her with the other hand groping her breast and nipples until i cam
and then i would hold her until we fell asleep

i know i shouldn't be thinking about her in anyway but lately with everything that has been going on it just helps me get over her and have less stress and it gives me time not to think about anything i'm not really all that happy writing this down but someone said it should help you know i think they maybe be right at the end of our relationship we weren not talking about anything and hardly having sex and when we did it lack luster
and i think that picture is funny

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