i'm feelin dirty just little i guess  

rm_xrickjonesx 37M
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8/19/2005 4:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i'm feelin dirty just little i guess

with this weekend being national makeout i've been dreaming and stuff like that so i'm fellin dirty and want to write it down

i wanna go down on a girl again and make her cum i wanna suck the nipples of some nice breast i wanna to see her on my bed on all fours i wanna rub my fingers through her hair i wanna taste the sweetness of her cum i wanna smell it on my fingers i wanna rub her back i wanna watch her as she go down on me i wanna kiss her rough and roll around until we get sweaty i wanna spoon her and feel her ass as i grind her i wanna lay on my back as she sits on my chest and moves slowly towrads my mouth i wanna look up and see nothing but her breast i wanna her to 69 me i wanna put my fingers in her ass and message it and get her ready for some anal i feel her all around me all around my penis i wanna feel her grip it with her pussy i wanna fuck her doggie style i wanna do it anally i wanna cum on her back i wanna fall sleep with her

i'm also getting drunk tonight

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