Am I wrong??  

rm_xratedsugar 34F
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7/20/2005 1:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Am I wrong??

i just chatted to a guy, who at first seemed interested in me and my problem(not orgasming). but after two sentences, he wanted me to "get him off" on the phone or cam. i said no cause i am not looking to get men off like that. so he said i was in wrong place. Am i wrong to assume that people on here want more than to just have sex? like conversation, looks, personality, etc. etc. i dont want to just get off someone whom i have no interst in because i dont know them. i am more than willing to meet and please the right person at the right time. but just asking me to "get u off",2 seconds after chatting is bull! yeah and who knows, maybe one day i will want to play around after chatting on cam or something, but dont take offense if i dont find you attractive or you sound like an idiot when you talk to me. anyways, losing thought now. am i in the right to want more than 2 sentence chat and not to get you off?? sex now days has taken control of peoples lives!!!!!

Fitasfook 46M

7/20/2005 4:26 pm

You're in the right, just a shame your time was wasted by......well, a waster!......keep at it, some of us blokes CAN talk as well.

lovescout 54M

7/20/2005 4:45 pm

No you are not wrong. I know sometime I come of a bit cruel but I try to judge what the woman need. I rather please the woman than have me get off. I am sure you can apperate that. I wish you good luck in your search for new friends and a lover.

rm_xratedsugar 34F

7/20/2005 8:53 pm

i appreciate the feedback. i just feel there is more to sex, then sex and hoped i wasnt the only one!

neighborlyfotog 71M
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7/21/2005 3:40 pm

You are still young and probably have not developed any habits that could hinder your eventual success in achieving orgasms, they are definitely worth exploring and learning how to achieve. Since you are bi-curious, you may find a woman might be able to help you explore your physical feelings in a safe environment without the pressures of having to perform. She would be in a much better position to “show” you how she can cum than any man of course. It took my ex-wife many years and a different husband to be able to enjoy her first orgasm, but she did. Now they have a wonderful sex life. Our problem was we were both virgins when we married and very insecure. We never were able to let down our inhibitions so we could enjoy the fun part of sex. To us it was all about making babies.

For now you can explore your sexual fantasies, spoil yourself with scented baths, explore your sexually sensitive areas of your body in candle light, soft music and nice fragrant oils. Once you have an idea what places can be touched for sexual pleasures, you will be able to help your partner(s) learn how to bring you more pleasure. It is sort of like trying to tickle yourself; you may be able to find places on your body the might be ticklish, but when someone else does it … well you get the picture. The main difference between tickling and orgasm is that once you learn you can give yourself an orgasm just about anytime you feel like it.

Good luck and let us know about your successes.


rm_xratedsugar 34F

7/21/2005 11:15 pm

thanks neighbor and i will let everyone know when i do lol

rubby68 48F

7/24/2005 6:36 pm

well dear you are not wrong some think we need to think like them well there dumb asses you should read mine on emails its on the same note..
Hold your intress to heart and never do anything that you wish not to do no matter what ppl think..
Christine xo

hardworkinguy 50M
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7/26/2005 9:00 pm

You are not wrong! There are a lot of idiots in the world and it sounds like one found you. Please accept my apology for that jerk. We (men) are not all like that.

rm_xratedsugar 34F

7/27/2005 4:29 pm

ty rubby68 and hardworkinguy! glad to see i am not alone. got on cam and 2 minutes later had 400 or more peopel watching me. alot got mad cause i wouldnt show. i am standard member and i cant even chat or see any webcams! just wanted to se what fuss was bout. sure enough i got more messages and invites in 30 minutes then i did in one month, without taking anything off lol. anyways thanks everyone for thoughts. will post new blog soon!

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/27/2005 8:34 pm

You are in the right.
You seek what you seek, and others seek what they seek. If you are not into cam sex or what ever, that is your choice. It is your body, and your life, No means NO and you dont not have to do anything you do nto want to do!

best wishes

rm_xratedsugar 34F

7/27/2005 11:07 pm

ty philosophy!

SassyBlonde209 48F
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7/28/2005 10:24 am

Welcome to the wonderful world AdultFriendFinder. Instant gratification is what alot of people (ok, men!) are looking for here. Interactive porn, if you will. Trust me, there are some genuine men out there that really want to meet and develop a friendship that includes mutual sexual satisfation. Get your "interview" process worked out, and you'll weed out the "make me cum"ers quickly! Good luck!

rm_xratedsugar 34F

7/28/2005 11:54 am

ty for insight sassy!

heathecliffe3000 55M
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8/15/2005 10:52 am

Hi Sugar!

Well, I have to agree that this guy was a real jerk. I'm here for sex first because I have no problem finding friends f2f for non-sexual activities, but hopefully people I meet for sex will turn out to be nice people and I can become frinds with them as well. Still, I'm not going to just contact somebody and say, "Hi, wanna fuck?" or something similar. The thing that bugs me the most about the guy you mentioned is that the discussion started on your quest for an orgasm and he immediately forgot about YOUR needs and asked you to get HIM off. That's about as bogus as they come. Hit me up on the Y! if you ever want to visit.


Plano69 54M

8/24/2005 8:33 am

Sigh... I know what you mean... I thought I was talking to a pretty girl who wanted to have cybersex. I really didn't care to get into it since it's frustrating to get aroused and have nothing but a keyboard to play with. Anyway, it was new and different and I thought of it as a favor for a pretty girl so I went along. I was getting fairly heated and creative with my "moves". I don't know what then happened... if it was by accident or on purpose, but the other persons cam turned on, and when I linked to it, it was a guy! Not just a guy but some out of shape hairy guy with a short pecker and some cockring that looked like it was cutting off his circulation! And he began cumming in his hand, and then he licked it up! I freaked! I never knew I could lose an erection and arousal in such a record quick time! I felt sick... ICK! Is that mental ? Anyway, that ruined me for cybersex. I still like looking a REAL women online, but getting off? LOL! What a waste of time...

FubarDelta 106M

9/1/2005 6:38 am

Baby, there is all types, but I would suggest that your pic does encourage us guys to lose the train of thought. Nevertheless, respect is due to all. I guess the person you reference forgot or did not have manners. All that said pic is hot and that is offered with most respect.

dallaswill101 64M
84 posts
10/6/2005 11:15 pm

forget that jerk, go on looking for what you want, good luck

ftworthtxmale 43M

5/19/2006 1:28 pm

Does seem like most of the guys on here are falling over each other to find a woman (myself included). There must be a 100 to 1 guy to girl ratio on here.

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