Sexual P.D.A: Have Fun with Public Displays of Affection  

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10/3/2005 10:26 am

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Sexual P.D.A: Have Fun with Public Displays of Affection

OK a change of pace. A challenge of sorts that I am working on. An interesting way to break the ice between members here in a slightly bold, exhibitionistic kind of way. A way to break the ice. All in fun and maybe more...

Setting up a Public meeting point for mutually interested AdultFriendFinder members. Coffee Shop, Book Store, Video Store you name it. Any public place where there are people shopping, walking, eating, and so on. Something to test your Exhibitionist ways. Also not a bad opportunity for those Voyeurs amongst us. At least snap a picture of the moment would you.

Time Critical: To Make a Challenge of it
AdultFriendFinder Member (name?) discloses a public place to meet. May describe what he or she will be wearing.
example: B&N Book Store on x and x Street. Saturday Morning x date (Clothes Description Optional). Greeting Card Aisle between 10: 30 AM and 11: 00 AM Fiction Aisle 2nd Floor Between 12: 00 PM and 12: 30PM.

Key Words: **** **** Answer Words **** ***
AdultFriendFinder Member (KEY) who is going to described location. The trick here is for the (name?) to choose racy words to say in public. It's not mandatory but it could add to the moment. After all this is in public. The KEY needs to say the Key Words at which point the name? will respond with the Answer words.
Upon answering, there are only 10 seconds to act. >10 SECONDS< One passionate kiss (or P.D.A.) of no less than a minute in public.
OK be mindful of the occasion. Don't eat a garlic sandwich before you meet. Tame that breath with something

Yes the idea is rough and open to ideas. It's a work in progress but it must be kept simple or the fun is lost.

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